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This morning my Flamingo Willow looked fine. This evening all it's leaves have burnt off in the sun and I have run my hand up the branches and they are Kilkenny dust. What do I do? Will it recover? Shoul I cut the branches back? Help!


Plants with a deficiency of chlorophyll have a tendency to do this. Those pink and white bits are a sort that wouyld have died out without plant breeders intervention.

also water well.  willows like moisture and, as nut said, those beautiful leaves are also deficient in chloryphill the green ingredient that protects against strong sun.  its such a lovely shrub though with persicara red dragon beneath it, that its worth the little effort of adding water

what now?  water well and feed.  new growth should emerge so cut any twiggy bits that do not re-clothe.

Thank you so much for the advice. It's the 1st time I have used this site so... Well impressed. X

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