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Stone House Greenhouse

Hello, I'm in the early stages of developing a business idea which will involve selling house plants online.  I'm having trouble sourcing any reliable companies who can provide bulk orders of indoor plants including succulents, ferns, palms etc. Can anyone provide any links to help? Ideally I'll need dwarf or miniature plants (even bare rooted cuttings). Thanks in advance! Jessie 

Do you have horticultural experience? To my mind that is essential if embarking on a commercial venture involving plants.


If it's to be an internet based business I should have thought your internet skills would run to google searches for suppliers.   Many specialist nurseries already have their own mail order service.

Are you planning to store these plants between supply and shipping?   That will require resources and planning and thus investment to get the quality right.

Stone House Greenhouse

Hi Redwing, thanks for your reply.  Yes I do have experience, I've grown up being part of a family-run nursery which has been in business for over 50 years. As the baby of the family I'm looking to venture into a side business based on an idea I've been developing for something a bit different.  Just on the lookout for some suppliers of succulents and houseplants (we currently specialise in Chrysanthemums and the like).

I can't help directly, but would have thought the people most likely to be able to point you in the right direction would be contacts the business already has within the trade.


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