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I sowed some californian poppy seeds last month and I noticed yesterday that they've developed into little seedlings. Will these be ok to be left where they are throughout the winter or will I need to protect them?


They'll need some fleece or cloches to protect them from the frost  or if they're in pots they could go in a cold frame or cold greenhouse if available.


Ok then, that I can do! Thanks very much.


In a sheltered spot Californain Poppy is perennial, comong up every year. I have one that does that in a well drained though not that sunny area. It also self seeds. A seedling like your will die in the frost and you will have lost them, if outside in the ground. If they are then do as Doverfromabove has said and put them in a pot/trough and then into a greenhouse/coldframe and they may make it. It really was too late for you to sow them!

Ah, whoops...I'll go out tomorrow and save them if it doesn't pelt it down with hail all day! Thank you for the advice!


Hi there,I am new on here,and not very good on my pc,indeed not quite sure how I arrived here?? anyway please forgive my spelling,I would just like some advice on the pansies and violas I have bought,they are planted in there baskets and pots now look like they are all dying,done this for years so what is going wrong this year??? think also I am in the wrong bit here,ooopppxs


Hello tina and welcome, sometimes it is sensible to join an old thread and sometimes it is better to start a new thread , as your question is about different plants you may find a new thread would get more replies. But I will try to help you, when did you buy your plants? when did you plant them out and what compost did you use?

Oh thank you so much for your responce reall y don't know yet what I am doing on this forum,guess I will need sometime to learn it all,anyway I have bought my pansies and other spring plants over the last 3wks planted them in baskets and pots as I have been doing for years and they all look very sick,compost is Miracle grow but to be honest I buy whats on offer at the time.Can't afford to just keep replacing them,I only live on my pension so I am really distressed over this.Tina


There seems to be a problem with some pansies and violas this year, with some of them succumbing to a rapid wilt and death   Not sure if the cause has been identified yet.

 I had a couple turn up their toes within a few days of being purchased and planted out in a big tub - fortunately I had a few surplus to replace them with and now they all seem ok.

Don't think it's anything you've done wrong or could have changed - just one of those things this year.  Hopefully they'll find out what's causing it soon.


hi tina welcome to the forum,i also have a tub of violas that look like they have kicked the bucket so better luck next year i have just left them,you never know they may revive.

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