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My camelia is in a large pot and flourishing in everyway with lots of flowers and growing well. However the leaves are gradually going from glossy dark green to rather pale greeny yellow mottled.

I realise it is lacking something but please could someone suggest what it is. It has been fed with a camelia food and seems to drain ok. Could it just be too much rain?



Is it planted in ericaceous compost?


Seems to meike some sort of deficiency, How often do you feed it?


This is called chlorosis and results from iron and/or magnesium deficiency.

You can fix magnesium deficiency by giving it a foliar feed of Epsom salts 1 tbs/15ml to one gallon/5 litres.  Iron deficiency can be helped by giving it a feed of sequestered or chelated iron which makes it accessible to the roots.    Camellia's cannot take up these two minerals when there is calcium present in the soil or the water so always water with rain or distilled water and give occasional tonic of liquid rose or tomato food to help it make good flower buds each year.


Obelixx - so glad I read this thread.  I too have a yellowing camelia - had already bougth the sequestrated iron, and was about to go mix it with tap water and pour it on ... you have just saved me from pouring my money down the drain !!


Thank you so much everyone. It is in ericaceous compost but the feed is sort of granular and I have wondered if it wasn't  going in properly. I only ever water with rain water too. So will go out and get the sequestered iron; we have epsom salts. 

Would it be better to use them with a time gap between or can I put them both on one after the other?

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