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I planted a flowering camellia last March and ensured it was well watered through August - September.  I fed it with ericaceous mulch in autumn and spring, and have had lots of healthy buds on it since February, but as yet not one looks like opening. 

I think it's past it now - does anyone know why this might have happened.  I was planning on moving the plant after flowering but am nervous now....

Hi Im just guessing, as the weather has been so cold, it is taking its time.

mine are finally starting to flower, and they are a lot later than in previous years.


Thanks Goldfinch, guess I'll wait a bit longer before I move it then.  Getting impatient as I really need to get my raspberries into its spot :0)



If you planted it last march you should be able to move it,without affecting your flowers.  I know it's supposed to be a big no but I think you will be fine.  Raspberries will need plantIng now so have a go.  

Get the receiving hole done first and try not to knock the flower buds. Camelias have compact root systems and as yours is so young I cannot see much of a problem.  I moved one in January with buds and it's still flowering.


I've moved lots of things at the 'wrong' time too without a problem. As Verd says it's about getting the hole it's going in prepared well before you move it. I have an established rhodie here which is covered in buds and only one is just starting to open - the long cold spell is holding so much back unfortunately.


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