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         I have in my garden a healthy and south facing vigorous looking Camsis Radicans (Trumpet Vine) but no sign of any buds or flowers. Has anyone ant ideas as to why?


Hi, mine has just started to flower, according to RHS, it flowers late summer to autumn, so be patient, I'm sure it will start flowering soon.

I have just removed a Campsis Radicans Madame Galen from an arbour. I moved it successfully from our last house where it grew on a south west facing wall and flowered late Summer/early Autumn just in time to be got at by frost.  Be aware it is vigorous and it had grown under and completely lifted off the rendering on our Edwardian house which was a bit of a shock. It has been in its new position  2 miles from the sea on the south coast and has sulked for the last seven years. Beautiful greenery, suckering nicely all over my newly painted arbour, no flowers whatsoever. I gave it a final warning and heaved it all out yesterday. I can't quite chuck it away so the best bits are in a pot now and under caution to behave. I now have to repaint bits of the arbour. Plants....don't you just love 'em?






Hi Oddjob,

this usually flowers late August/early September. I had one that grew next to the front door of my old house, and when it was very stormy it wasn't unusual to open the front door in the morning and find the way barred by the campsis. Cut it back really hard when the leaves drop off as it can go under roof tiles or guttering if you're not careful.

My  Campsis is flowering beautifully by the patio doors but the buds  are covered with antsy running up and down. Any ideas why? There are no aphids so they aren't harvesting them. Is there  something on the outside of the buds That they are feeding on? 

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