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Hi, my nannas redoing her garden and had to uproot a honeysuckle plant today, that to me looks mostly dead, since she has nowhere to replant it atm she has given it me.  She reckons it should regrow if I plant it in my garden pretty sharpish, its got a lot of roots on it, so is it likely to regrow ?


There is always a chance-depends on how much root damage there has been-I would be inclined, rather than plant it straight in the garden, to cut it back- pot into a container keep well watered and wait for signs of regrowth.

If it grows plant in the garden later in the year

thats... a good idea that I shouldve of thought of myself haha, better go buy a big pot then, cheers for that suggestion

I take a long time before I ever give up on a plant.    So many can look dead for ages, and then suddenly you see the new growth and know it was worth the waiting!    Good luck with the honeysuckle - they are quite tough old plants and I think your Nanna knows best!      Time will tell.

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