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I was wondering if anybody could identify this weed that seems to be taking over my back garden. It's growing in between most of my paving slabs and is taking over the areas where I have small stones laid down too. Also what would be the best way to get rid of it?

Many Thanks




Ye famous old Liverwort. Ancient plant and pest! I use my Flame gun on it where it is growing over pavong or stones where there are no other plants.

What a horrible looking weed

oh i don't know i've seen and had much worse -- Japanese knotweed, marestail etc, your weed isn't that bad compared to mine LOL

is it really a weed, can't you dig it up and stick it somewhere else out of harms way ??? 

Thanks for getting back to me, having googled it, it looks like it's going to be a right pain to shift completely but'll try my vest. I used some weedkiller that I had in my shed yesterday so I'll give that a day or so to start working then I'll go round and puck it out. I also read somwhere that Mossclear may help, so might even give that a go if I don't shift it 1st time.



Moss killer has a better chance than weedkiller as liverwort is related to algae and mosses more than it is to ordinary plants/weeds.  The weedkiller might not have any effect at all as modern weedkillers target the hormonal systems of weeds and the liverwort will have a completely different biology.

Thanks for the tip Bob, I'll give it a go

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