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Hi all,

         I have this pest on all my baskets now, front and back. I ave tried a general pest spray but it doesn't help. Please can anyone identify it from the pictures I've added. 



White fly.

Thanks. My spray says it does white fly. Perhaps I need a different brand. 


Try worm tea, please. 

(will i get wrong for promoting worm tea?)



Never heard of that one. Off to consult google. I got it last year but only on the front baskets. It killed off the calibrachoa and almost did the geraniums. Sadly it's on my back baskets too this year. Pests eh.


A good water. Spraying them off helps and the odd squish if you can catch them early, helps.

Perhaps Saturday's thunderstorm will be of some use too then 


Do not believe the weather forecast. Especially when using the met office!!!! they DRAMATICALY CHANGE EVERY HOUR.

I use the 7 week forecast from Country file, on a Sunday. They are pretty good at it. But even this week they said they were not sure what way will it go (as of wed). Don't get that same honesty from the local news. 

Then again, they are just fortune tellers!

What if they started talking about reincarnation like that camp guy in the eighties? Was it Russell something?


The thing about whitefly is that even when they're dead they don't disappear immediately - their little corpses stay on the plants - so you might have finished them off already and a good downpour will wash them away. 

Thanks for the hope Dove.

Considering the Met office are dealing with nature, which is uncontrollable, their forecasts are pretty accurate. The Country file programme have their forecasts done by the Met office.

The rain they predict will help wash away your whitefly though.

Try a small amount of washing up liquid in a spray, I do my plants every day and it gets rids of most pests and is safe around animals.

Thanks, Malcolm. Sounds much cheaper too.

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