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Hi, can anyone identify this wonderful plant that I spotted on a recent visit to a Dorset garden. Its so good I really must have some.

               many thanks 

Hi,  how tall was it? it looks like one of the Helianthus varieties, Lemon Queen is a possibility

Hi Jayte, how tall was it?  it looks like one of the Helianthus varieties. Lemon Queen is a possibility


I agree but height does vary according to situation.  After moving mine to more direct sun and less fertile soil they are now about 4' tall.  Before that they were 6'.



Not orange enough for Helianthus tuberosus. 


I agree that it is Helianthus "Lemon Queen".

Hi, thanks for the suggestions, this plant was a clump about 2 feet wide and four feet high. I will research the Helianthus varieties. Many thanks for your help.

Dig up a bit. If it is the edible Jerusalem artichoke it will have tasty knobbly tubers loike a potato.

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