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Pretty certain it's Ligularia,



Wish I could see the leaves though, to be absolutely sure.

John Harding

Can't enlarge the picture as the file size is already set at max but they look like Erymurus (Fox Tail Lilies) to me.


I say Ligularia too. Looks like "The rocket" 


Yep, I'd say Ligularia 'the Rocket', nice ....

flowering rose

fox tail lilies,ooo I would love to be able to grow these but i have very heavy clay soil.


That is why I wanted to see the leaves.


I can see enough leaf to know it's not any sort of bulb or other monocot. My guess would be ligularia but I don't know them well enough to say which one


I can show pics of leaves and no spikes (this year).

thanks all for your input. this was the only plant/flower that i was not sure of. it is ligularia ( rocket )



I'd definitely say Ligularia 'The Rocket'. Hard to see properly but flowers and leaves look right. Similar to Eremerus though  with the flower spikes- they mostly  have 'daisy' like flowers.

 I  envy you for being able to grow this plant  . What type of soil are you growing in ? I have tried to grow  Ligullaria from seed also have bought the plant but I have no luck , it dies on me . I have sandy / peaty soil . 


Ligularia needs moisture retentive soil to do well.


my soil is very rich, good growing it seems for most of my plants. i do add lots of good compost. it does retain water quite well and being in the pennines we get plenty water. i do feel for you Lucky3, i dont like peaty soil. i have lots of berries ie: logan and tay, redcurrant and blackcurrant that seem to do well. after moving to Huddersfield from Guernsey i feel lucky that my plants grow as well as they did in Guernsey.


Defo Ligularia- see teh blog on bog Gardens- I added a picture of mine this morning to that article.  The flowers smell nice-  need watering if the leaves droop in the sun.

My is clay soil.  Ligularias grow well but not so lucky with Eremerus-  this year added 3 inches of grit/san/


pebbles and have managed to have a couple flowering.


the photo is Ligularia veitchiana, if the leaves are more finely cut it will be the Rocket- RHS Plant Selector Ligularia 'The Rocket' AGM / RHS Gardening

One of my favourites!

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