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I have a prunus autumnalis.  it about 3 years old and the past couple of years its hardly had any leaves.  My mum had a look at it today and she thought the new leaves had been caught by a cold wind and then she wondered if it had fire blight.  There are some healthy leaves on the top of the tree but the rest looks quite sad.  It didnt flower much this winter either.  Any ideas?


The new leaves may have been caught by a late frost, some of my shrubs have.

Prunus don't get fireblight. Have you a photo to show the damage



 Sorry it has taken me so long to unpload these photos.  I am abit worried as I've just read that others have had this problem and it might be bacterial canker.  Should I just dig it up and plant something new there?  Also I have other cherry trees in my garden.  Will it affect them too?

Does anyone have any ideas as I am think maybe I should cut it down and plant something else there.

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