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My garden is terribly steep and we have literally moved tons and tons of heavy clay soil from the bottom to level off the higher part and because it is such a large area the only practical solution is to lay it to grass.  I realise I will have to add lots of sand and compost etc to the top layer before planting grass seed, but does anyone have any suggestions to make the job easier?  Is there a type of grass seed more suited to heavy soil?

There are different types of grass seed...shade mixture, heavy wear mixture etc. it sounds like your clay isn't likely to flood so I think I would use a general purpose with dwarf rye mixture.. Maybe a picture to show how steep, etc.
flowering rose

I have heavy clay soil lawn with a under ground spring running through it and on  a hill,nothing is impossible and yes it gets water logged but I try to keep off until spring and of course if there is no deluge of rain it dries out.

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