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Gardening Grandma

Elin, do you mean daffodil bulbs that have not been planted and have sprouted in the pack? The answer is yes. You won't get much this year but they may recover and grow well next year.


If your going to plant them and leave them there for ever then yes its best to plant them now that is if they havent rotted away :P


I swear Narcissus Bulbs could survive a nuclear Blast they are that hardy


Actually they may well flower this year, but next is another matter. At this stage they will not have time to develop a really good root system, which they need to build up the bulb in orfer to produce a flower next season. In susequent years you may well get them to flower though.

However, they will certainly die if left unplanted so you have nothing to lose really.

hollie hock

I would chuck them in soil and see what happens



Plant them quite deep, they may not flower this year so don't worry if that happens, but feed them and keep them well watered until the leaves die down.  In the wild daffodils are happy in damp waterside meadows and need plenty of moisture at their roots.  Do not cut the leaves off and do not plait or tie them up.  They'll flower well the following year or I'm a Dutch person 

Plant them, feed them and just let them grow. They prob will flower ...if so feed again.

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