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Hi, I can't id this vine and would like some help please.



 It has produced no flowers or fruit at all but put on masses of growth. Any ideas? Thanks


I could be wrong, but I'm inclined to think it's a kiwifruit.


Actually sue, I thought the same . The leaves don't look shiny enough for grapes.


I would say grape of some kind - my Kiwi leaves are oval and hairy, but perhaps other kiwi's have grape-shapes leaves?


On googling kiwi leaves they seem to be heart shaped. There are no hairs on the leaves or stems...could be another variety - I know nothing about kiwis.



That looks like it, Dove - felt sure it had to be a vitis of some kind.


Well Dovefromabove I think you have got it! From what I read should be wonderful in autumn - I'll post a picture when it colours and forget about fruit, flowers, pruning just encourage it to spread!!


Oops!  I forgot to say thank thank you very much to all of you. I am very grateful and quite polite! 

Sara4 - LOL - I can't believe you said that!! As I took the photo I actually bent my fingers slightly away from the camera in case it picked up the dirt!!


I'd love to have one - I don't really have the space, but I am so tempted every autumn when I see them colour up ....

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