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Can anyone help me identify the following plants?

The first picture is 2 plants growing up the side of a fence, they were here before I moved in. I was thinking that maybe the one on the left was a Cotoneaster as it seems to have similar leaves and produced red berries in winter. However I am probably wrong! lol
I have no idea what the second one is in the photo, it didn't produce any berries and neither of them have thorns.

 Lastly is this plant, all I know is it is a Perennial. 

 Any help would be greatly appreciated, it drives me mad not knowing what something is! lol


I think the 2 shrubs are 2 different cotoneasters


Ditto Nutculet.

No idea what the other one is though.


Is that perennial hardy NGCARDS?

Yes nutcutlet, I just have no idea what it is called lol



I agree. The smaller leaved one is probably cotoneaster horizontalis and good for the position it is in. The larger leaved one is probably thank you to the birds and I would say it will get too big for the situation it is in.

Second picture,  a primula of some sort. I would post again when the flower opens.

Yes I was rather surprised to see how close the two were planted and will most likely have to try and tame the second one soon.
Great idea, hopefully it will open soon!

They're not plants I know well but google lewisia and see what you think

I've already got a few lewisias, the leaves have a different texture and look. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Hmmm not sure. Guess we will have to wait until it flowers.


It's a good photo and the plants is quite distinctive. I should think someone will recognise it soon.


Bringing this up to the top for ID of the 2nd plant

Lion S

I think it could be a Primula species, Primula beesiana maybe?



I can't think of any primulas that have leaves on the flower stem ....... 


Is it Arabis blepharophylla? 


I think yarrow2 has hit the nail on the head there!


Hose in hose primulas have flowers with leaves like that.


You could be right Yarrow, hopefully it will flower soon which will help us know for sure. 

It is certainly proving more tricky to identify this second plant than I thought it would lol