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Desire For Gardening

and I dont know what these two flourishing plants are. Do you know?

is one a geranium or are they just weeds? 






Desire For Gardening

The 4th an 5th are the ones I think are geranium but they are in the rose bed surrounded by herbs... so I dont know



The one with spear-shaped leaves is a dock - perennial weed - get rid of it and well done on getting the whole root out 

Not sure about the other one .... someone else have a go?


i think the 4th and fifth is pyrethrum


I can see any number of things that the second one might be. Geranium isn't one of them. Have you got any of it growing? before it wilted 

Looks as though you've got the whole root of that dock, they're b......s for growing again if you leave some behind


I think as franco says , it is a pyrethum or same family. 

Keep this , but do away with the dock ,dont let it seed.


It looks a  little like rocket - wild variety. Here's mine



I'm fairly sure it's not rocket - I think it's a flowering perennial and I can see it in my Grandma's garden (in my head) but I'm dashed if I can picture the flower or what it's called 

Desire For Gardening

A weed... Ha and I just repotted the dock just in case someone here said something else  

Rocket that may be close...

It has a lemony fragrance.....

Desire For Gardening

Franco - It is a pyrethrum... I recall the flower there last summer...  Excellent!

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