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Would anyone know - is it possible I can paint my aluminum greenhouse. It is silver but I would like it painted green or indeed black.

I have looked about spray paints etc etc..advice mostly relates to cars though..primer / is the aluminum brushed or polished etc

So..does anyone know? I have yet to erect my greenhouse - so perfect timing to paint it.

Thoughts welcome


Two thoughts-why? and why bother?

Just seems a lot of fiddly work

You did ask


Chances are, it will in time just flake off and look unsightly. Nope, too much hardwork now, and in the future.


Have to agree with Geoff and marshmello.  The green coloured ones are powder-coated which is baked on in an oven and chemically bonds to the surface.  Ordinary paint has a tendency to flake from aluminium over time and if you had to touch it up in a few years, you'd need to take the glass out - a horrible and dangerous job.

Bunny ...
If you want to disguise , could you screen it off ?



We painted ours before we built it. Etch primed then British racing green, 2 pack paint as used for motorcycles, sprayed on. 2005, no paint coming off yet. Blends in a treat

Okay - thanks ( i think! ) for the replies. And thanks Nutcutlet...seems there is a paint afterall then. I will look out for motorbike can - although the only one i see so far is guarenteed or temp's up to ...well motorbike engine degree!! - when really its a freezing cold/wet climate paint would be more ideal.

Looking up other websites etc primer and hamerite external paint seems to do the job. Im about to do it so will update

Hi Joe how did it go priming and painting your greenhouse???? I am considering doing this to mine. How does it look?

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