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Im new to veg gardening and would like some methods on  carrots.  The last two years have not been worth the wait always very small and deformed.  Anyone got good methods and results that work thank you


What sort of soil do you have? Is it stony or heavy?  Carrots like quite a light soil with no stones. Have you had any insect damage below the ground?

  thank you for your reply ..Ive made raised beds and the soil is quite light but may still have stones.  Our normal soil varys in different parts of the garden but mostly clay.  I dont think there is insect damage just minute.

Ging2 dig deep and thoroughly remove stones. Last spring I dug out the area required for carrots, for a friend who,simply could not grow them. I dug out a trench some 9" deep and Infilled with multipurpose compost. I then back filled with the soil and with a 3 pronged aerator mixed the soil and compost together. We grew splendid carrots. I always fleece carrots as soon as sown until picking to prevent carrot fly.

Good advice above. The other key is not to add any fresh fertiliser. A bed fertilised the season before is ideal.


I had used fleece all the way through but  results were poor.  I will prepare bed as above and hopefully fingers crossed and legs we will have carrots worthy of the new veg beds .  Thank you all Great talking to you all


Ging, carrots also need plenty of sun.

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