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Patricia, do you have a neighbour who could lend you a dog every now and then? That may work. You do have my sympathies even though I do like cats, they can be a nuisance.

You can buy products to deter cats, They're quite expensive and have to be renewed every few days, but as they're based on citrus extracts, I thought I'd try strewing orange peel around some tubs which cats decided would make a good toilet. You have to renew that every few days, too, but it's cheap and biodegradable. It seems to be working so far.

otnorot but just call me Bill

Our cat litter is recycled here and cats in the garden are not a worry its the skunks and racoons.I have three small ponds with gold fish that I cover every night,the racoons cant get to the fish so they get very mad and will destroy my plants by ripping them out of the ground and then leave a smelly gift which is more toxic to humans than cat poo.


My friends severely disabled son has a cat. Since owning the cat (from a rescue centre) my friends son's speech has improved loads ( as he's always chatting away to the cat) and his movement is so much better too. The cat provides him with companionship, responsibility, fun and love. I sincerely hope that none of their neighbours feel the need to hurt or scare his cat simply for its natural behaviour. Very often there is a bigger picture, I appreciate on both sides of the cat debate, but some of the suggestions I've read on this forum are worryingly cruel and very very wrong.

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