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Pick the cat shit up before you let Puppy out ?

Not a very nice job but unless you can persuade the culprit to go elsewhere, or persuade the owners to be more responsible, this would seem to be your best bet.

Jess is in the Garden

Deter the cats!

There are way that are humane and effective.

I've got a car deterrent that works with ultrasound to emit a noise they dislike - they haven't been in that bit of the garden since.

Pepper in beds also works, as does garlic powder - but get washed away so you have to reapply.

Pieces of bamboo cane stuck in bare ground so they can't scratch or dig also work.

Ultimately moggies are creatures of habit so if you upset their routine they will eventually go elsewhere.

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Cost of living is going up Hosta.

You need to increase your charges.



shame wages aren't keeping up though eh?

I use "Roar" in my garden, it lions poo pellets, they are big, they are not waterproof but put right under the shrubs ect. they will last.

I can't smell them but by gum the car must because I haven't seen on in site or the point they leave behind...cats 😠

Wait until your little friend starts growing, they they will crap themselves 🙄

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