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Hi all, just an update really for people with cat mess probs ,i now have 7 days with no new deposits  after useing Jeyes multi purpose disinfectant ready to use outside spray from B&Q, iv sprayed twice so far and so far good



Hi, good to know that Jeyes multi purpose disinfectant works.

I was woundering if anyone knew about coleus canina (scaredy cat) its a plant that cats aren't suppost to like the smell of.  

 Does anyone know if it works?

If so i would get loads for my garden



Hi Alan4711 is that safe on veg patch as that's where they like to do it. I don't have any veg in at the mo but I will soon

I like the sound of that Jeyes solution Alan.

As an unexpected Christmas gift I got the RSPB ultrasonic cat deterrent Catwatch.

I have been plagued by neighbourhood cats since I moved to my new home 6 months ago.Installed the device on Boxing Day and have not seen a furry critter since.Could be the answer otherwise I'm off to buy Jeyes!




Hi Alan4711 I don't know how feasible it is for you to try, but I saw a video on a different gardening website that I am a member of and the person uses twigs on the soil of his raised beds and pots while they are empty and waiting for new crops and plants to be put in them, he does it to deter any cats from pooping in them, he said it does work and keeps the cats away because they won't walk on the twigs. As a cat person myself I would agree that none of my cats would walk on something like that either lol my cats are indoor cats so I know they can't poop in anyone's gardens



Highland Jeannie

I put down twiggy bits onto flowerbeds.  They go all over the grass .


Good morning Forkers

I have just seen this thread and only too well know the problem .

Yes, I have cats poo-ing on my grass which I find very irritating and smelly. I always thought that cats did their business in flower beds but things seem to have changed!

I have made a note of the Jeyes disinfectant and if not successful might go for the RSPB gadget. As a matter of interest how much does the gadget cost, please? Is it available to non-RSPB peeps?




My neighbour recommended Caninia to me as she had used it the year before. We clubbed together to buy some of the plants and we have had them in the garden all sumer. From having persistent visits from a local cat my garden has been cat deposit free all year as has hers for 2 yrs now. I had about 10 of the plants dotted about  mainly in the veg bit. We kept them in pots and they are not overwintering in my workshop. One I inadvertently left out was killed off by early frosts up here in North Cumbria. I don't know if we can get them through the winter to be put out next year but I do hope so as they worked pretty well for us. I used to try the Jeys fluid (bought from the supermarket and diluted ( much cheaper that ready made garden ones) and it worked fairly well in a previous garden but I was worried about the effect on my veg so stopped a couple of years ago. The above plants are not cheap however hence our attempt to save them for next year. In warmer parts they may well over winter outside with some protection.

Mmmmm, so many different ideas - none of which were successful in our garden. Our garden has a six foot fence all round so we are considering an electric fence all the way round since everyone in the neighbourhood seems to have more than one cat

It won't hurt them but will send a tingle through their paws so will, hopefully, stop them jumping onto the fence then into the garden. 

i have spent pounds on cat deterrants and none seem to work for very long personnelly i think the only thing to work is a jack russell dog the plant had no effect at all


Hi all ,,i have just literally finished working in the front garden ,i have had to chicken wire fence  my back garden £350 to keep the cats out and they have moved into my front garden,as i said I'm very reluctantly  stoning my front garden around about £450 or there abouts when its done, the only part i need to jeyes fluid now is a small raised bed which as i said seems to be OK for now,apart from the actual work involved moving 3 ton of stone i did enjoy the creation of a different type of garden (id rather have my old soil one though) and due to the fact that my partner is extremely upset  and almost in tears with these cats its the only answer i can think of, However  i really think cat owners should instead of making all the excuses they do  about cats being free and cant be trained, should now be held responsible for the misery and cost of there free roaming animals they let lose ( the majority  anyway) on there neighbors, they should be ashamed of themselves and the truth is they know they are a nuisance and the owners are full of what i used to clean up after there muts annoyed with my neighbours you got that rightand we are seriously thinking of moving home,hows that for annoyed,


no end to the cat problem as iv posted on the forum my self about  my problems with cats i have in my garden.there a useless pet that cause nothing but problems i think i heard one time on a program that they kill millions of birds each year cost the gardener a lot each year, so what use are they.90% of there time is spent out side anyway so way have them.there should be some sort of law inplace for the owners to try and keep them under control i know thats hard but it might keep the cat numbers under control and stop alot of people getting a cat.there a pest simple as that,i know poeple have cat that stay in the house all the time but its the one that are bought as cute little kittens and then left to vend for themself that cause so much problems,

just thought id have abit of a rant  about the dam thingsso not a cat lover.

I totally agree with matmats123 they are a pain in the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeb the ones next door just watch to see if igo in the house so they can jump the fence and poo on my garden there owners should come round and pick it up.some days I feel like throwing it on there grass but I don't
The potty gardener

I have cats. To try to stop them being a nusance I have a litter tray indoors. They spend most of the time curled up on my lap or on their bed.



The only thing that works for me and has done for a couple of years are rose prunings or anything with big thorns the bigger the better,  I cut some briers down on Sunday to put in a new border and they work a treat,  I did get those scary cat plants and they were just a waste on money.

Bunny ...
My dog sniffs it out,....then she eats it
I agree that the plants don't work at all,. My daughter has a real problem with other people's cats I gave her a load of old brown very prickly bramble twigs but they just pushed them aside.
I will get her some jeyes fluid, what ratio did you use please?

Nylon netting laid over ground not in use in the veg. garden has worked for me, I also cover any nice, soft seed beds with it. Cats will not scratch in it as it catches on their claws.


Alan and Matmats, same could be said for a huge proportion of humans these days. I have 2 cats, I have a largish garden so they usually poop in my garden. However I have created a couple of fine gravelly places that I clear out every day or so. Also, I pop around my neighbours every week or so and ask if there's any problem with my scoop in hand. It isn't the cat that is the problem, it's the owners not taking responsibility. Much the same with wildlife, it is the owner's responsibility to ensure there is a high vis collar and bell fitted.

As for your comment on what is the point of them, you are aware there are populations of rats living in this country which are completely immune to poison now? If it wasn't for the cats, particularly in cities, the mouse and rat population would be much worse than it is now. You could argue what is the point in dogs, I can personally say I haven't trod in cat poo on the pavements, but I've trod in plenty of Doggy-wotsits.

Cats are independant, whereas dogs are reliant. If you mistreat a cat it'll leave and find a new home whereas dogs stay with you because you provide the grub.

I've had dogs and cats all my life, and I'd like to say I haven't let them be a nuisance to anyone. This possibly could be because I was brought up the right way as in 'be considerate to others'. Part of a dying breed these days as everyone is having this 'selfishness' drummed into them from all advertising angles.

As I said, the cats AREN'T the problem, it's the owners. Although it must be said, a plastic bag and a scoop costs pence, for any seeds/ young plants, I always stick netting over anyways, mainly due to the pigeons/ local pets.