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It was meant as a joke Angela! 

Didn't come across that way! Not funny when you live next door to someone who might try it!

Peat B

Peace, Babes.       What's with all these negative vibes ?


I KNEW it was gunna be a difficult day, before I had gnawed hrough the leather straps on my bed !


Pigeon fanciers seem to think that putting antifreeze in milk to kill cats is acceptable.  My brother had to watch two of his cats die a slow horrible death. the vet said there was an epidemic of it around them. if my brother finds out who it is, then it won't just be the cats drinking the antifreeze.

I really agree Peat. There's been much coarse language, frivolity, and even a shotgun mentioned on this thread, but nobdy got upset then. Doh.


OK guys, no need to have a go at me! I just misread the situation. This is a touchy subject to me so will leave the conversation. Sorry you feel that I over reacted but my cats are important to me.



There's not a 'kiss' emoticon Angela, so..........


Like the 'corks' idea. Would give excuse to drink more wine!

Peat B

None but the brave deserve the fair. and fair ground corks OR wine corks, are fine, providing you can keep the cat still enough to insert them into the buggers !

Phew!  This seems to have got somewhat heated???  Jokes! People! Jokes!  

On a different note - I bought a cat deterrent and it hasnt done any good at all - in fact a rather savage black cat caught and killed one of my wood pigeons yesterday!  V upsetting (and for the pigeon too I would think)!   The deterrent runs out of battery power v. quickly and only seems to affect one cat (a very young one) but the more experienced 'killer' cats still poo in my garden and still lie in wait for my birds.  I will try the orange peel idea - do cats really like coffee grounds?  Or did I miss the joke?

Anyone got tips for getting rid of squirrels whilst we're at it?  I squirt mine with water pistol but they still come back.   


When I was a youngster on the farm I got 1/6 a tail for every squirrel I shot with my .410, and they were RED squirrels!  My, but how time changes everything.

Try planting coleus canina...scardy cat plant. Guaranteed to work..cats hate it!


Pity they don't still pay out for grey squirrels.  I have seen 1 in the garden and only the once.  They live in the valley but havre to cross the road and up a 15 foot wall to get to my garden so I'm hoping the traffic will keep them away.  I believe you can trap them but there is some odd regulation about killing them once trapped, someone did tell me about it and it sounded a typical bureaucratic nightmare.

I haven't read all the posts so apologies if anybody has already mentioned this. I have made friends with my neighbours cat. I don't feed it but I do make a huge fuss of it. My master plan has worked; it now thinks my garden is his second home so doesn't do its business here and nor do other cats come in. The only downside is that everytime I step out of the back door I almost trip over him and as I wander I have a furry beast weaving around my ankles!

Peat B

The science of crossing the species of insects and mammals is my bugbear !


A "Forum Help" question:

How do I reply to a specific post, which is not the last post, but without quoting, and can I give my reply a new title?


Mike - not sure I'm following you correctly but you could just put the poster's name and then write : re your comment about....Or you could start a new thread but maybe you want to stay on the same thread?

Not sure that makes any sense Mike!

This thread is quite heated isn't it! Peat -the corks ....

Reminds of the joke about the man inventing a holder for tea towels...

C'mon Fairygirl, do tell.......

My CatWatch is now in place pointing centrally at a flowerbed from 14 feet away, using a 9V Duracell battery.

I would like to find or borrow an Ultrasound Detector, if such exists, that would measure the strength and frequency of the sound hitting the flowerbed.

Concept Research say in their instructions: "We are proud of our UK-manufactured products and we want them to work for you."

I also found their 12V mains adapter on Ebay and am about to install it. Is it OK, for the lawn, to make the 14-foot long cut with an turf cutter or knife, bury the cable about 1.5" deep in it and then smooth it down again, with watering?

I phoned Concept Research and found them very helpful. They confirmed that their tests show that the 12V mains adapter gives a 30% stronger ultrasound signal than a new 9V Duracell battery. And of course there is no fade-off with time that you get with any battery.

I'll talk to Concept Research again, new questions keep on occurring to me.


Fairygirl - thanks - like this, you mean?. I asked cos some Forums do it automatically.

Tea towel - please do tell.

I like the one about the person who invented a universal solvent but couldn't find anything to put it in.

And the Irish torch - solar cell but no battery. Worked well in sunlight.

And the Irishman who wrote in his will that he wished to be buried at sea - six of his friends got drowned digging the hole.