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Liggylaura - the law about squirrels seems a bit complicated. As I think I understand it:

1)  It is easy, effective, but illegal, to use a non-harming cage trap and to transport the squirrels and release them to a new life elsewhere.  It is a criminal offence to do this and I believe that even if you are only caught with a caged squirrel in your car, you can be fined quite heavily.  The squirrel is not fined.

2)  Killing a squirrel by a relatively humane method (?) is not illegal.  But I think that people have been successfully prosecuted for cruelty (or is it "causing unnecessary suffering" etc) for drowning squirrels - and I can understand that, drowning must be a horrible way to go.

All very cheerful . . . sun's out, I think I'll go out in the garden.

Scaredy cat plant seemed to attract my local moggy population.  Thought of sueing Thompson and Morgan for 'not fit for purpose'!

Peat B

Have you heard about the hairdresser that X'ed a cat with a duck ?

She got a  plait billed ducky puss               , obviously.

Charlie---Thank you for your......joke, re the scientist's hybribisation. Please go and take a very long holiday!

Diana Mead

I've got a great answer to this one as I like to grow my own garlic and really don't fancy it with cat-poo dressing! Go to the local "cheap" or "pound " shop, buy some cheap wire hanging baskets (they cost me under £2 each and last for years), remove the hanging chains and put them upside down ove the planted area.

My garlic grows up through them and the cats can't get to them . Perfect! I also grow other crops, seedlings etc. the same way


Diana - thanks, that's an interesting idea for protecting specific crops.

My problem is the digging and cat faeces all along the flowerbed, that's why I am trying a CatWatch ultrasonic. It will be several weeks before I know how successful it is - or not.

Diana Mead

Hi Mike - you can use my method in borders too as the plants quickly disguise the wire baskets. I have also found some black metal ones with thinner wire, even less noticeable. I have beautifrul sea lavendar in the front garden growing througn one and I can't even see it! I also place them over un-planted areas. remember - a cat can't defecate if it doesn't have room to be comfortable!

Peat B

I would think that a system, similar to the farmers electric fence, but with a feline voltage, would, with prudence, no. not the cat's name, or Gordon Brown's political girlfriend,  after a few fur tingles, would deter puddy tats off the patch for a while. Despite many clains of moggy's not having learning capability in their beautiful numb skulls, they DO learn extremely  quickly. We sit out on wor front bench of a sunny morning, to eat wor brekky, and from 5 doors up t'street, Tiggy comes jogging down for his lick of the last of the milk from wor brekky bowls !   People say, cats are like the 'rice christians' of China missionary times. We call Tiggy, a Rice Crispy' ! No food, no affection. Give him food, and he's all over you like a rash !

Diana - thanks again.


I have 2 cats and have found them to be the best way to repel other neighbouring animals. However, even my own cats get a bit naughty sometimes and try to dig holes in the flower beds in my back garden! So, i use either cat repellent powder - which only really half works - and a water pistol! If i see them even attempting to dig a hole i squirt them Job done.

Not sure how neat and tidy your garden is, but my cats absolutely hate rocket plants and will do anything to avoid going near them. Rocket isn't very pretty and it's quite big and droopy but you can at least eat it.

Peat B

I planted a row of rocket, and they all came up ! I was over the moon ! !

Cats like loose soil to dig in, weeding by hand it a good idea as opposed to the hoe. They also don't like the area of my garden that I spread my shreaded pruned material its far to twiggy for their liking.  This won't stop them spraying mind you. 


Thanks for response about mains vs 9v batteries.  Will try it but don't hold out much hope - death of a baby starling by black killer cat this weekend!  Right in front of CatWatch thingy!

Re squirrels - yes it is illegal to trap and transport them to another place. If you catch them then you've got to kill them cos they're seen as 'vermin' apparently? I've given up squirting it with water pistol - just shakes it head and keeps on eating the sunflower seeds from the hanging bird feeder!

Might try the cat pepper thing that someone suggested - or try to catch the black killer cat and put a huge loud bell round it's neck (that's not what I really want to put round it's neck~!!!! Joke: I do love cats but not when they kill 'my' birds and poo in my garden!


Not read all this thread but has anyone mentioned pelleted lions poo? Sold at GCs no smell just sprinkle like fertiliser in the area you don't want cats.



Sorry just looked on this thread again- the tea towel joke goes like this: The man who invented Cat's Eyes (for the road) says he got the idea when he saw a cat coming towards him. If it had been walking away from him he'd have invented the tea towel holder.......

Good jokes Mike!..

Peat B

I have mentioned lion AND tiger poo, ( how twee,         Poo !!!! ), but elicited little approval, disparaging put downs and ridicule.  Nay, apologise ye not ! I can take it !

Perhaps a little aerosol of big cat urine to really put the mockers on the puddy tats in de garding.

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