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My ultrasonic cat deterrent died, the products on the market are now different and I would appreciate any recommendations, whether about the best ultrasonic to buy or alternative methods of cat deterrence.

There were 3 cats in my front flowerbed yesterday evening and I really must do something about them!



Spread teabags soaked in diluted Jeyes Fluid!


Get a cat of your own... best deterent ever for other cats plus they very rarely do 'the business' in their own garden. On the otherhand, now the neighbours cats stay away, I have foxes cavorting in my flowerbeds so one problem wass just replaced by another.

Tried the T-Bags in Jeyes fluid, looked unsightly and didn't make a ha'pence worth of difference. Some toerag stole my ultrasonic device from my front garden. The only thing I've found that works is a big water pistol, legallity?


Holly cuttings sprinkled between plants.


Peat B

a CATAPULT perhaps, loaded with small dried pieces of soil, aimed close to but not AT the crittur.   I am a complete emotionaly dedicated cat lover, but  enuff is enuff !!


I have a caterpult for the same reason, I have a cat but since the neighbours aquired two females we now get every puss and its relative paying a visit next door via my garden, and yes they stop and spray as well as poop! I kept all my birch twigs when I pruned the tree and as well as making good plant supports they keep the cats from doing their business on my newly seeded borders.

Peat B

YO ! MY MAN !  You have a problemo !  Perhaps a visit to the local zoo, and mayhap to purchas a bag of finest kind fresh tiger shite ! Spread a bit of this around, and there won't be a moggy left in the neighbourhood. of course, whilst administering the stuff, keep yer own moggy INSIDE !  Cats are sensituive, humourless critturs, but have inadvertant flashes of lunatic funniness about them. Love 'em, me !


I would stick with the water pistol if I was you. I have 3 cats who were all trained with spray bottles filled with water. They soon learn not to do something. I don't even have to spray mine now if they are being naughty just the sight of the spray bottle puts them off and they don't do it again.

The advantage of spraying them with water is that you are not going to hurt them so shouldn't get complaints from owners. Most cat owners I know use water sprays themselves so wouldn't mind. 

I use moth balls liberally and frequently in my borders and they seem to work.  The only downside is that I order them off the internet and the postman complains that they make his other mail stink!


always make sure you return your neighours cats  'presents' back to where they came from - you're entitled to do so!




Stephanie Beirne

Try planting Coleus Canina AKA Scaredy Cat or Pee-off amongst the borders/beds. Cats apparently hate the smell. They also dislike citrus smells, so you could add a plant with citrus smelling leaves. Or a citronella candle?  I like the idea above of pyrocanthus or holly cuttings used as a mulch. You could also place some large ornamental rocks in favourite spots to make it uncomfortable for them. Be wary of spraying with a water pistol, cat could run off in fright into the road and be injured or worse cause an RTA.

pyracantha trimmings work for me!


chidders wrote (see)

always make sure you return your neighours cats  'presents' back to where they came from - you're entitled to do so!

I appreciate that cats pooping in your garden is irritating as I have the same problem, but what good does returning it to the cats owner do except cause more bad feeling?  It's not like a dog where the owner has control of where they go. My neighbour did this to me and it made me so depressed as I couldn't stop the cats without following them every time they went out.  Please don't do this   Ask the owner if they are okay with coming to clean it up; I would have done that willingly.

Spray them with water and peel oranges over your borders leaving the peel there.  You have to repeat the process but it works.  I have THE MOST DETERMINED cat who dispells the theory that your own cats don't go in your garden, I tried netting and he poo'd through the netting.  I put loads of kebab skewers in the border and he perched of the edge of a 2 inch piece of wood hanging his arse over the border!  But the oranges... no sir-ee bob, out and off to the wasteland instead!



Peat B

I STILL ADVOCATE TIGER POOP , MORE THAN ORANGE PEEL !!  i did find that leaving a pair of old sun glasses under some leaves reALLY freaks some cats out so much, the became paranoid about going into the flowerbeds ! It's the EYES ! man.

Thanks for all your replies!!!!!  I'm surprised that no-one has mentioned ultrasonics - since asking the question, I have now found out that there is one called CatWatch approved by the RSPB after thorough testing, and the RSPB actually sell it.  I have been lucky enough to find a cheap one and a cheap matching mains adapter, so I'll try it out and feed back some results in due course.

I'll keep all your suggestions in case the ultrasonics don't work.


the water pistol might let off some latent (human) aggression but unless you spray them EVERY TIME they come in the garden you may as well not bother as it won't be a consistent deterrent.

Tiger or lion poo doesn't do anything (but it allows zoos to make money charging chumps to take away their waste)

Really- nothing short of netting the place will work. If you think ultrasonic deterrents work, try amazon or ebay and get another one.


 Hi Mike 160304, ultrasonics have been mentioned at least a couple of times. Before mine was half inched I had to replace the battery every two weeks as the only place I could site it was facing a footpath.