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To daituom:

I have TWO cats and they don't keep the neighbours cats ( 6!!!) away - they became friends!!!!!!!!!!!!

They all enjoy sunbathing together (if the sun is shining)

I have just given up, I let some ground in a corner for the cats, clean it from time to time and dig it over.

The cats don't use the other beds so much any more.

There isn't a tried and tested method that works, having trawled the internet some things work with some cats, but not one thing works with all, these are some things I've tried with varying degrees of success, anything that smells citrus is good but there's always one or two cats that ignore it. Having put bark down to cover the garden then two weeks later covered the lot with gravel out of sheer frustration I now have blue gravel with intermittent plants strewn with orange peel and shiny things. In short it isn't what I wanted my garden to be.

Here's the list of some things that have worked to a degree - olbas oil on teabags, bits of orange peel, half filled bottles of water (big lemonade bottles) shiny side up CD's, citronella, kebab skewers in the ground. A quick search around the internet shows how frustrating this is for people however a lot of cat owners are non-plussed about what they see as a fuss on our parts. 

I've got to the end of my tether with this and found several e-petitions which are all outrageous or unclear, allowing culling of cats, allowing poisoning, stuff like that. I've set my own up which is that cat owners should be held responsible for cleaning the mess up and any damage their animals cause. I'd like anyone who's irritated by this problem to share it and sign it. It seems lots of people want something done but as a group we can't get organised at all so it falls on deaf ears. 

I'd like to point out I like cats, mine have always used litter trays. I like wild birds as well. And can we buy a bell for our cat if we have one that goes outside. Please.

I'm not an animal lovers at all but wouldn't harm them, why don't Cat owners train them to use litter trays or if they know where they go i.e. next door neighbours garden, at least go clean it up. I' having terrible problems with new neighbours cats &have put in canes, carpet gripper & used pepper but to no avail, I've bag it & returned it to the persons doorstep for them to dispose of but today it was on my doorstep, so I've returned it with a note asking them to clean it up or train their cats, my other neighbour contacted campylobacter because of cats &is on medication for life after being very ill. What is the law I wonder about returning it?

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