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I think I read last year that Tea bags soaked in Jays fluid kept cats off the flower beds, do just put the tea bags onto the soil, could the jays fluid damage plants 


Just put lots of sticks in the areas where they poop and dig. Simple as.

I put tea tree oil and citronella oil on tea bags, cats don't like them smell, but it won't harm your soil or the cats!  I also use the lots of sticks in areas of bare soil like blairs, you need to put in more than you think though. Good luck.

Thanks, will try these remedies, but would still like to know where effect jays fluid has.


It makes cats (and anything or anyone else) very ill or dead if they drink it. 

And it makes your garden smell of chemicals. 


I would agree...........if it is damaging to you, you can bet it will be damaging to other forms of life

Nobody should condone any methods that will harm cats.

There are plenty of natural ways to deter cats, do not use any chemicals!


Jess is in the Garden
  • Bamboo sticks, chopped up to 30cm lengths and shoved in soil anywhere there is a bare patch.
  • GARLIC GRANULES (brilliant for drier times - needs to be reapplied if it has rained, so not good for now - but works a treat as they loathe the smell).
  • Pepper dust (this and garlic granules both available from garden ctr and really do work if you persist).
  • Shooing them away when they are in your garden and aiming garden hose at them (i don't even have to go as far as wetting them - the mere sight of water coming out of the hose sends them running).

Above all - they are creatures of habit and are doing what comes naturally. Annoy them enough in this pursuit and they'll soon go elsewhere.

I love cats and would never harm one, so would never advocate using any chemical/poison - no way.

I tried Lemon oil on teabags - it seems to work. The oil is not poisonous and would not harm the cats or the plants.

There ya go theres a couple of great ideas and 100% safe.

Please dont use chemicals, i know our little pussy cats can be a pain, but dont harm them with chems.. xx


We've been having a problem with the neighbours cat and I'm finding using short canes in freshly dug soil and scaring the cat off when we're in the garden is having a positive effect Even though we both work full time.

When the vege garden is finished I'll be using chicken wire too keep the cats away.


Thank you for all your replies, I also love cats and would never hurt them, so will not be trying Jays fluid. I will try the other methods instead.

I use bonemeal sprinkled on the bare soil where the cats might go, it does no harm and certainly works in my garden. I don't think they like the smell. I've tried lots of other things without success.


When you have a new garden with about 200 feet of bare borders you need a lot of sticks to keep 'em off

KT53...........I can sympathise.............there is little realistic method of keeping cats off your is not possible to cover every bare spot with twigs.  

.Also of course, do you want your garden to look like a DMZ ?  It is YOUR garden - you should be able to enjoy it.

I netted my veg plot one year.....not only did the cats manage to c...p through it but I found a blue tit caught up in the net.  So that was a no no for me..

Best of luck



Have a look at this, as mentioned on another thread on special offer on amazon at the moment.

I am having problems with a cat that comes before I get up and killing birds by my bird feeders   Any ideas?


I'm afraid that my best suggestion is to get a pump action waterpistol and get up earlier than the cat 


There are several ways to prevent cats coming into your garden. 1, get your own cat, A/ it should keep the neighbourhood cats away, B, it shouldn`t poop in it`s own garden. 2, get an ordinary hand sprayer, fill it with CLEAN water and use it on the cat, DON`T use a pressure sprayer. And a warning, if you were to use Jeyes Fluid to offend cats, you would be breaking the law.