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And before anyone suggests that I am being gingerist, I may have a ginger hue about me - so don't start.


How could anyone throw stones at this? Had to find a pic in black and white - I was so mad when they revealed that he was some sort of pink - nah, the orginal watchers watched in black and white!


Ha! It made me laugh imagining folk chucking cat poo backwards and forwards.


some of these modern day cats have become lazy. they care so much about their appearance they dont like to keep their paws dirty, so they just do their business on the grass. u only find out when u step into something soft or a bad whiff follows u around the garden. it makes me so angry . i have tried so many products but when it rains,  u start all over again. the worst time is the winter thru to spring when the ground is bare.


chuckling away to myself...imagining asking neighbour to come round with cat version of poop a scoop. Your cat , your pop, clean it up please.


Chop up orange and lemon peel and sprinkle on your garden, by the gate, and problem areas. Cats hate it! Otherwise use lemon spray kitchen cleaner. I find this works really well. Good luck.

wouldn't you have to know which cat was guilty? unless you caught them at it, in which case you could toss the water at them. i've got several around me but only one is responsible for the mess left on the lawn. nothing seems to scare it off.

Footnote to my advice re deterring cats from the garden. I suggested using lemon kitchen spray, I didn't mean spray the pesky cats with it, but to use the spray on and around the garden and just outside the gate instead of or as well as using orange and lemon peel. It works very well.

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