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I have heard of the Gadget that deters cats and believe they work very well, your poor dog I bet the cats love to wind him up, when our lab was a pup she loved everything, however one night a cat jumped out at me  while walked April,and she hide behind my lugs I shouted at the cat as it clawed deep into my leg, after that she just has to see a cat and she is gone after it, or the mention of the word cats, and she is gone into the garden, not suggesting you sacrifice your leg, but what have the cats done to him.


I'm not sure if Catwatch ( recommended by The RSPB) is the device that Rockette has used. The manufacturers are UK based see

It comes with a 90 day money back so it might be worth calling them...

My best defence of having other cats visit my garden is to have my own cat. She is very territorial so does not appreciate other cats visiting the garden and soon sees (quite ferociously) other cats off. And she is way too posh to toilet in the garden, so she has a covered litter tray with its own little cat flap for privacy in the utility room. She gave up chasing birds several years ago and now just turns her tail when they start squawking at her from the bird feeder. She runs wide of the hedgehogs. They obviously have history!

i have a seagull that keeps them out of my garden.. since they nested on my flat roof not seen a cat in the garden at all..


looks great privatebribert but we have a hosepipe ban , but maybe not for much longer...


Would someone please tell me about "CATWATCH"

and why is there a mains adaptor with it ?-  

Sorry to be a bit dim  - but am I right in thinking you 'spike' it into the garden/soil - but it has to be connected to your electricity supply in the house/ shed?

can someone tell me how CATWATCH works - sorry to be a bit dim but do you have to slot it in to your soil/garden area AND have it connected to your main electric supply? if so how does the weather affect it ?

I have never seen one of these things but a brief search online suggests to me that they are battery powered with the option of using an adaptor for mains power.

In order for this item to be legally sold here it would have to comply with British electrical safety standards. The weather will not therefore be allowed to enter its innards, one assumes.

I bought a solar cat alarm and it works great . I have had no cats at all since I started using it, and if there is not enough sunshine to charge it up it has a small charger that plugs into your computer. Not bad for £10 output.. worth every penny.

Whilst i can more than appreciate the problem, i am a keen gardener and owner of 6 cats, and i can only guarantee one thing, if i found out that my neighbour had put down chilli or hot spices (things that can cause seroius medical problems in cats, and yes i have experienced this 1st hand)  my neighbour would have no plants left the next morning, and my cats would be the least of their problems. All mine use indoor trays, and would never want to scrap in actual dirt!! The issue is lazy cat owners who think its more convenient for themselves.

Sorry, my cats are my world


Sorry, just thought to add, the only guaranteed thing to move all my 6 is a 50p water pistol

Jason, clearly you are not aware how unpleasant it is to have a lawn littered with cat excrement. It is a health hazard and stinks. I use solar powered scarers, they do not survive winter, but they are 80% effective. 

I doubt very much that any cat (unless it is particularly unwell or stupid) would foul in the full open air directly on the lawn.  Cats (in my experience) prefer a bit of privacy and will go out of the way to do their thing.  They dig a hole, do their business, and then bury it out of sight, only for gardeners to come along an dig it back up again!!  Also, generally I find that once a cat starts to go in one area of the garden, that's their place to go and they don't tend to move around. That's probably OK if you've got a big enough garden and you've only got one or two cats doing it, but I can see it might be a problem if your garden is the neighbourhood cat litter tray.  Cat's do not like using other cats areas to go in so will find their own spot.  I agree that neighbouring cats don't come in if there is a resident cat, and certainly I don't have an issue with other cats using my garden.  My own cat also doesn't use my garden and prefers without doubt her own private covered tray in the house.  My garden is so packed in with planting that she would find it difficult to go anywhere, and anyway, she is way too much of a Princess to go outside! 

Well yes Leifuk I am well aware how unpleasant cat excement is, I have 6 cats, and a garden that's visited by at least 9 other neighbours cats! Are you aware how unpleasant it is to have to deal with a cat blinded by chilli powder, screaming for all she can muster because every part of her face mouth and throat is burning uncontrollably!!! My issue wasn't people detering cats just the thoughtless methods used to do it.



Enough already. The OP was asking about the power supply to a supposedly humane cat deterrent. Let's try to answer the question in hand.

Hosta, where's your collection box?

I have purchased a solar powered 'cat scarer' for our house in Spain-issues a high pitched noise and flashes like crazy if something walks past. Much to my amazement, it works very well. The eleven cats that live next door but one don't use our patio for their nightly raves any more!

Wessex Wellies

I have 2 cats and they don't cause any trouble in my garden unless  an unneutered Tom comes in, then they will fight.

When the unruly visitors come in, my Super Soaker water pistol comes out.

I don't have any trouble with cat poo.

pansyface: "The OP was asking about the power supply to a supposedly humane cat deterrent." No they weren't, they asked about deterrents.

Jason Sparkes: Now where did I suggest physical harm to the cat? People who cause suffering can probably be prosecuted.

Tim Burr: "I doubt very much that any cat (unless it is particularly unwell or stupid) would foul in the full open air directly on the lawn.  "

I've watched cats having a squat on my lawn in plain view. There are currently two smelly piles of excrement on my lawn, despite the scarers. I also have a cat path across the lawn, where cats flatten the grass, leaving a trail. It took me a while to figure out what was leaving excrement, and at least one pile was from a badger, but it's cat. It does not contain beetles etc as expected from wild animals, and I've seen the wretches doing it. They are not even friendly cats.

I have read that the way to avoid poo is to own a cat as they are territorial.


LeifUK, OK, maybe I should not have said "OP" as you obviously thought I was trying to help the person who started this thread on 19/10/2012. No, I was not referring to that person when I said "OP". I was referring to the person who was asking for help yesterday. Someone called Pat who was asking about how to run a machine called Catwatch.


So sorry to have confused you by incorrectly using the term "OP".  I thought it would be obvious who I was referring to. 

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