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At present im useing keep off blue gell its working fairly well,the moth balls also seem to work and are cheaper  they are believe it or not made of eastern red Ceder and every 4/6 monthes should be rubbed with fine sand paper to refresh the disgusting smell and not a lotof people know that ?? i also put this question up a few days ago and got only  silly replies ,im going on the net to serch for this lion stuff good luck

cody smith

plant garlic in your borders or lavender they dont like strong smelling plants

I've tried the garlic to no avail and the orange peel. They're toughies, my cats! I'm definitely going in search of some Roar as it comes so highly recommended. I'll let you know how it goes - watch this space.

Hi, I have a problem with the neighbours cats, (11 in total). They keep messing on my drive, ( not even on a lawn or flower bed) and by my frontdoor. Whenever I go out, or come home from work it's like i'm walking through a minefield! They have ruined my fence which has now fallen apart, and used my gate posts as a scratching post! I am at my wits end! 

I may soon be up for murder, not sure who to get to 1st the careless owners, who can't be bothered to take responsibility for there animals mess or the cats!


Jess is in the Garden

I've found Pepper Dust works a treat after only 2-3 days, but needs to be reapplied if it rains. Cheap enough though.

Like others have mentioned, I also place short lengths of cane/sticks in between young plants so they can't get into a clear patch easily.

My parents have used the ultrasonic system and say it works brilliantly. Doesn't harm any wildlife, nor the cats, but they hate the sound. Problem is, some people with sensitive hearing can (apparently) hear the noise too!

When I see a cat trying to make its toilet in my beds, I pull out the hose and aim it at them - they are normally out of the garden before I've even turned the water on 

Water does work. I used a spray to train my cats not to do stuff I didn't want them to do. Can't really deter them from pooing in my garden as they'd go in someone else's which wouldn't be fair. I do keep them off my raised beds though with a combination of fleece, string and old CDs - helps to keep the birds and squirrels off too.

My daughter bought a high velocity water pistol to keep two stray cats out of her garden. After a few soakings they got the message!


A water scarecrow attaches to hose pipe and squirts water when the movement sensor is triggered; can be moves around; works 24/4 - don't go for the other cheaper options, they are a waste of money. Works with foxes too but the postman may be a problem if you are using it in the front garden! They are expensive but worth it. I have had mine for years - shop around as the prices vary.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&bvm=bv.42452523,d.d2k&fp=527f2f31e79ff8b6&biw=1920&bih=929



dam cats have the same problem. if not leaving there mess all over my gravel there digging up my pots or trying to root out my bins and also killing the birds,the amount of cat that are around in my garden is about 10-12 of the dam things neighbours must collect them for fun. had my way id use a shot gun to control them.only kidding.

Despite what has been said about cats preferring earth borders to grass the cat that was causing me problems was constantly messing on my lawn which, if not removed, left dead patches. I tried an ultrasonic scarer which worked fairly well but needed the rechargeable batteries charged indoors every week as there is not enough sun in the winter to charge it from the solar panels on top. Will try Lion dung pellets if the problem reappears.


sprinkle the hottest chilli powder you can get in the soil, you have to reapply after rain, but it only takes the cat once to learn that depositing in that area leaves a burn!


I think cats are getting lazier about their toilet habits and many will now just poop out in the open.

I remember when I was little watching cats being very particular, digging a neat hole, being quite embarrassed about the whole affair then neatly covering up. Seems many of the moggies of today are more than content to just drop it and go.

I'm a fan of the scarecrow water repellent. A reminder to those that use them that they are best brought in if there is going to be frost. Frost can destroy the internal valve making them useless.


An old post regenerated by a first time poster and all the arguing will start again 



I don't see any arguing, KEF, it is not fair to discuss cats and maintenance of cat deterrents?

Did kind of like it here, but getting the feeling today one should be careful what is discussed and even what threads should be started for fear of offending someone on their pet subject, or shock horror the topic may have been discussed before.

Bit of a shame really.




Cat shoo plants seen to work but we have town foxes and they have eaten most of the cats.

Gemma my post wasn't meant to offend. People are free to start threads and discuss whatever they want.

My observation is that at times we get old threads brought back especially about certain subjects which then lead onto heated debates and the first time poster never appears again.  

I have participated and stated what measures I take when the poster has asked about preventative measures about cat issues in their garden.   

Mel M

We have cats that roam around our allotment. I have not had them soil on my beds but they did sleep in my poly tunnel until I fixed the vent netting.

They do, however, soil on the grassed pathways and not just in one spot! These are not feral cats because they are well fed (to well fed) and in good condition.


Fair enough KEF, apologies, I had a bit of a moment when I posted yesterday. 

One solution to them pooing openly on the lawn would be providing a secluded spot with dry easy to dig soil. Perhaps we see them poo more in the open because there are less places for them to go these days? They only poo in my veg plot when it is a really fine tilth and relatively dry. Or I've just put in some seeds... or the new seedlings are just beginning to show...  .... OK I'll stop