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can anyone please help me with cat pooing in my front garden had to move all plants and put them in back they are loving front garden but back garden digging up plants iv moved. really cant do anything try putting mesh over then wirer just cant keep them off please try and help me thank you

We have had the same problem. Tried and still using B&Q own brand cat repellant granules. Easy to use and currently working. I have found no new unwanted deposits... Good luck

I have the same problem as well, I find jeyes fluid mixed strong put in an old washing up bottle and sprinkle between plants be carefull not to get any on plants as it will burn. I also find empty plastic bottles half filled with water works to a degree, Good Luck

Compost fingers

I use silent roar lion manure, The pellets are soaked in real essence of lion dung, dried and sterilised. They are small ball like pellets which you scatter around the area, there is no odour to humans but cats can smell it . In my experiance they have been fantastic, you will probably need to buy them online. Hope this helps.

Totally agree re Lions roar it's brilliant stuff. I also now put sticks around the plants until they have rooted in and the combination of the 2 seemed to have done the trick.


I use an electronic cat deterrent in my back garden and don't have any issues with cats . Rarely see them but the front garden is used as a toilet so I think i need to get another or move the back garden one

I have been using about 4 things at once! Basic cat deterrent powder which was cheap and seems okay unless the rain washes it away. I also have an electronic sensor which eventually seems to be working. Also, I am told tea leaves can work so I am trying that too. I just empty the leaves after my cup of tea into a tub and take it out once a week so effectively its free.

Good luck to all of us!

At the moment I am putting holly branches down on the bare earth - this keeps the cats off until the plants have time to grow up and cover the gaps.

Silent Roar pellets available from Amazon work a treat

My mother in law uses moth balls. She just scatters a few around the area and the cats really hate the smell and find a new toilet! They do need replacing regularly though especially in very rainy weather. Another remedy is to buy a cheap muscle spray (like deep heat) and spry it onto a few tea bags. Place them in the areas being used by the cats, and again, the cats hate the smell and are deterred from using that area as a toilet! This lasts a bit longer than the moth balls but does need topping up regularly for full effect.

I dont seem to have this problem where cats are concerned -[they mostly bury what they do]  My problem is with Foxes Poo ! Any Ideas on dealing with this they seem to leave it on Patio and grass.

There is a plant called Shoo that is available to deter cats. I haven't used it my self but I guess it is worth a try....

Go to your nearest coffee shop and ask them for the used cofee grounds.  Sprinkle these on the garden.  The cats hate the smell and the grounds act as a fertiliser.  It does need replacing regularly but it it environmentally friendly.  Does it work?  Yes.  I have three cats and use this to keep them off planted areas (they have their own toilet area at the bottom of the garden which I dig over regularly, it is also used by most of the cats in the area as it is always nice loose soil!)  It also deters slugs and snails.


Hi everyone, I am at my wits end with a cat, I think its a cat... pooing on my lawn.  I have tried plastic bottles half filled with water which I have to remove to mow and then replace, they are not much good though as the cat still goes around them to make a dreadful mess, and the smell!!! wow so awful.  I am growing lavender in the hope it will deter the cat also spray lavender oil as it does not seem to damage the grass.  Can I put coffee grounds on the grass, I am going to try tea bags with muscle oil.  I feel like getting rat poison and putting that on some fish .... but do not want to go there.  Why don't cat owners keep their flippin cats at home to do their mess.


Sterelitza (interesting name) If its a mess on the lawn I would tend to think it's a fox rather than a cat. Cats usually prefer flower beds where the soil is loose as they like to bury their poo. Look closely (and hold your nose) fox poo, at this time of the year usually has some berries in it or as a rule it tends to be more black. Ooh! the conversations I get involved in on this board!! Let us know....



That is right they do prefer lovely loosen soil especially in flowerbeds, they are to intelligiant to poo in the middle of a lawn!  I have a cat and he always goes for my flowerbeds so i solve this by putting little plastic pots in areas of soil between plants and also citrus peel helps, also i no this sounds disgusting but i was told spraying male urine on fences walls around garden deters other cats and also the only thing that seems to keep foxes at bay. Hope this helps

It only tends to be the dominant cat in the area that leaves their poo around, the other more submissive cats will bury their poo.  I tend not to get cats pooping in my garden, despite having a dog (that would dearly love to eat next-door-but-one's cat).  The damn cat will saunter through the garden and shoot to the end when the dog comes out, and sit the other side of the fence laughing at the dog.  Or it did until it found out the pole my brush is on is telescopic!  One prod and now all I need to do is appear at the bottom of the garden and the cat is off.

If you can catch the cat in the act, squirting it with very cheap beer works a treat (and I mean the really cheap stuff I buy to make beer batter with), as cats hate being wet and sticky, and they get a bit drunk when they clean themselves, unlike humans cats don't like getting sozzled, and will tend to avoid the area in future.  Silent roar didn't work for me (although when my Husband accidentally reversed over a cat that had been sleeping on top of a wheel, cats avoided the area for ages).  Some interesting ideas though.


Hi all of you who have replies and thanks.  If it is a fox then I am surprised as I live in an urban area with a busy road nearby.  But.. I shall try your suggestions, in particular I will enroll my husband in contributing some urine, ha ha... It will certainly make an interesting smell around the walls and fences but if it keeps my precious lawn clear of poo it will be worth it. After all, my husband is the man of the house and if the fox can realise that it will keep away. I shall let you know if it works.  By the way Daintiness, I think your name is very interesting as well. All the best.

I've found catapult liquid spray works quite well but I'm going to give the Roar a try too. Thanks for the tip to those mentioned this.