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Any ideas how you stop cats messing on the grass!!!

There are endless threads on this subject..........lots of advice and tips............I wish you luck

Busy Bee2

There are indeed endless threads, and funnily enough, tackling the owners of the cats and asking them to provide litter trays in their homes and enclose their gardens/keep them indoors to ensure their cats don't ruin other people's lives is rarely suggested. 


BBee...........actually, I think there was the odd person, me included, who suggested that very thing   Have a pet, look after it, and don't let it impinge on other's lives. 

Unfortunately, not a very popular view these days could be fighting a losing battle but still worth your while looking at the various "Cat" threads.............depends on how bad your cat problem is as to how you deal with I said......"Best of luck "

PS  If you come up with a winning share it with the rest of us


Well said Philippa but it's best to duck for cover when suggesting that cat owners should take responsibility for the actions of their pets....

Half filled 2 litre bottle of water laid on its side

Scroggin........I built myself a bunker when I first came  across the "Cat" threads a few  months ago as a new forum member. 

I still find it amazing that people are prepared to cover their gardens with all sorts of stuff.......pointy sticks, citrus peel, wire netting, cat scarers, water pistols, etc............... just to keep out someone else's pet !         

Somebody told me to grow some Lupins, they like the colour and lick the green leaves and it makes them sick, I don't no how true it is but I will give anything a go !!!!!!


It's not the cat itself our neighbours cat regularly comes into our house for a cuddle but it's the crapping all over the flower beds that annoys me especially if you have small children. As long as you aren't harming the cats then I'm all up for trying to keep them out of your garden.
Busy Bee2

Tetley I know lots of people with indoor cats, who live in flats or by dangerous roads, or who have just taken the decision not to plague their neighbours.  Cats go where you let them, but they can't walk through walls.  It's not very funny as a pregnant woman to accidentally plunge your hands into someone else's cat poo as you try to weed your garden   Wasn't very amused to have next door's black dog wandering around our garden this morning either. 

Busy Bee2

Samantha, then you have cat puke to clear up as well!!


Tetley.............sorry but you can train a different from a dog if you make the can walk your cat on a lead.........just that most owners can't be bothered to expend the time or effort.

Don't advocate getting a dog just to see off your neighbour's cats............that is a very irresponsible suggestion.  If you want a dog...that's fine........but you don't get one to solve a cat problem.  Abandoned dogs are an issue which you should consider.

Cats these days are domestic pets........they are not wild animals and they are the responsibility of the owner........anyone who claims their Cats are "wild" animals should be looking to licensing them properly and keeping them under control.  The fact that common law has not taken this into consideration is not the owners should be responsible for their pets.....whatever they are.

John Harding

We once had a neighbour who had 4 cats, 3 dogs and a rabbit! I got absolutely fed up with having my seed beds destroyed night after night that I went out and bought 4 ultra-sonic cat scarers. It had a bit of effect but not enough (seems one scraggy old moggie was deaf! and our grandchildren complained they could hear this constant high pitched squealing every time they went down the garden). I then invested in a 'Mosquito' and a roll of orange electric fence wire + a bag of insulators and set up a criss-cross pattern over the raised 'seed bed'

** A Mosquito is a low powered domestic electric fence kit that gives a single pulse of high voltage but extremely low amperage electricity and runs off a small 12 volt battery.

At around 12.30am there was a double Yeowwwee! from the bottom of the garden followed by a 'clang!!'  On inspection next morning there were 2 divots in the seed bed but very little damage to the seed bed (the clang was said moggie scrambling under the back gate in its rush to depart from whatever it supposed had bitten its rear end). The 2 divots were so placed you could see it had come over the dividing wall, leaped immediately into the air and landed about 3 ft away on the same patch (hence the double Yeowwwee") and then escaped under the gate.

We were then trouble free for about 3 months but I had to remove the 'Mosquito' and its associated paraphanalia because as the plants began to grow they would touch the wire and the wire would cause the leaves to spark & shrivel.

The neighbour moved away about 3 years ago taking said menagerie with them and although there are other cats in the locality we don't get the problem any more just so long as I remember to re-charge the batteries in the conventional cat scarers regularly and remember to switch them off when the grandchildren come around (& back on again when they leave!)

Busy Bee2

On 'Nightmare Neighbours from Hell' last night (I had insomnia, okay...!) were two women in Scotland who moved into a rental property, telling the landlord they had five dogs, but then it turned out they had over thirty rottweilers and similar, most of which were kept in a livestock shed in the garden.  The neighbours complained to them and then to the landlord, the landlord asked them to leave, but they wouldn't.  Eventually, the desperate neighbours started flinging poisoned meat over the fence.  And of course the women's argument was that the dogs were innocent animals doing what came naturally to them, and it wasn't their fault.  But that just misses the point.  You can't advocate poisoning animals, but what on earth did those stupid women expect?  It was actually the only thing that convinced them to move away. 


First year I gardened, complete novice, spellbound with growing seedlings and obsessed with trying to do everything 'right' as per book after book, I made an idiot of myself trying to scare off neighbourhood cats.  Family member has serious illness where infection could be very bad I used to try everything to stop them doing their business all over the place, pottering around with latex gloves on and going demented when they sprayed on my 'best' plant successes. I didn't want the cats to get ill so I didn't use plant sprays, slug pellets and had to pull up some ornamental grasses when a neighbour's cat kept sucking and chewing the leaves and being sick all over the place and the neighbour complained.  So I dug them all up and burned them.  Two took to leaping over the fence and landing on my little plastic greenhouses so I had to replace the covers.  They leapt over the fence and landed on my pieris 'Forest Flame', both of them, but I managed to bind the stems and they amazingly grew on well.  My Lawson's Cypress all went brown at the bottom and I finally noticed the cats spraying them.   I had plastic bottles with water, I had to put sticks all over the seed beds to try and put them off walking all over and burying their poo.(They do it so neatly).  I put netting over things, put trellis up to stop them coming through the old iron fencing.  I loved watching their antics though but was fed up with them at the same time.  2nd year I chilled out a bit but was miffed when having added a bird pole and managed to attract birds for the first time which was so lovely to watch with a coffee on an early morning...but then the cats came.  I spent a couple of months feeding and watching over a young magpie which a cat attacked and tore it's eye etc.  It died at the end of that summer as it could no longer fly properly.  I then decided that nature is as nature is and didn't bother to fuss about them anymore.  The only thing which made me cringe a little was seeing other neighbours making their gardens lovely but ushering their cats towards other people's gardens so as not to mess up their own.

You have to laugh really.  There is a law unto cats who can be fascinating, cute and curious...but sometimes...!!!!

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