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Please help


Celendines - last year was bad this year it looks as if it's goig to be even worse.  Spent hours carefully weeding today but there must be an easier way to get rid of them.  Some I donlt mind but last year they stopped other things coming through/

Any suggestions would be greatfully received


They are almost impossible to weed out, as they have brittle tubers, which nearly always leave bits behind. The only way I am afraid, is chemical. Also you must prevent them from seeding, so remove the flowers.

Thanks punkdoc - have I left it too late to 'zap' them this year? 

Not keen on using chemicals but needs must unless they do damage to other plants? 

Any suggestions - I did take the flower heads off last year but they are back with avengence!!! 


Unfortunately Mutley - if you have them  - so do other people! They'll seed in from lots of places. If you can pick a dry, still day ( yes I know - fat chance at the moment!) that's the best time to apply weedkiller so that it's less likely to land on things you don't want to kill. Once there are beneficial insects about, evenings are a better time for using it too. Due to the milder winter lots of things are sprouting early and getting a foothold. You'll probably have to do it more than once and then just be vigilant. 

Thanks for the helpful info Fairygirl

Any chemicals you know work?

Also I think they originally came from some dodgy turf I got last year as before that - nothing.  I'll be charitable and say that they probably came from neighbouring gardens although I've looked and nobody seems to be as affected as I am!

It's the foothold I cannot take - they look as if they are going to swallor up stuff so I'll have to do something and like you say be vigilant.




They're very common in hedgerows and on grass verges too, so if you're near one they could have come in from there.

I don't use a lot of chemicals but if I need a weedkiller I always use Resolva. I don't rate Roundup although it's very popular.  You can buy it in a ready to use spray - which is fine if you don't need to use a lot, but I use the one which you dilute down, which is more economical. I buy it in my  local Asda as it's often much cheaper there. garden is literally covered with them.  I took over a very badly neglected garden 2 years ago.  I have managed to get rid of most of the brambles but celandine, bindweed and what I think is Butterbur has completely taken over.

As well as digging out the brambles where possible I have also used Roundup on bindweed and butterbur.....I haven't tried it on celandines yet as it would just be spraying the whole garden.

Same here all - absolutely inundated with the little blighters. A friend said they just sort of disappear underground so I am wondering when that is!! I have hoiked a few out but there's a complete overrun of them. Can't remember them being there last year!


I did spray patch to see if it worked and yes but the problem with them is they get tangled up with the plants and you never really get rid of them.

It is hard as when they appear is the same time as young bulb foliage and other plants emerges so spraying is difficult.


I spent hours yesterday dabbing them with glysophate on a paintbrush.

I hate the things also those tiny little leafed weed that shoots seed all over the place when you touch it.

Thanks everyone - not that I would hope other people are blighted with them but they are in for a shock tomorrow (if it's not snowing here!) as I'm taking Fairygirls advice ad seeking out my nearest Asda to 'bulk purchase' Resolva, as they are in all my beds and I have a few.  I suspect they simply threw their seeds everywhere - war is declared!!!!!

Nice to know though that I'm not alone - lovely as they are to look at they are brutes which have to be dealt with!

Jim Macd

I actually introduced them to my garden. I love 'em. They aren't doing that well though. I planted loads too. There's only one flowered. It can't be anything to do with the solid as not far away they grow like weeds,  sorry, I had to. Well, they like damp shade. So improve the light and drainage and they might go on their own. aren't talking about Aconites are you ?  They are pretty and worth growing. 

If you are talking about Celandines...............please,please bring a big truck to my can have stacks of the blighters.......I'll make you a cup of coffee and even a bacon buttie


We have them, I ignore them to a large extent. I have a white form and somewhere a double white one too. Also of course there is Brazen Hussy which has the bronze coloured leaves.

Celandines are difficult to ignore when your garden is covered with them,,,,,,they smother the ground and make it difficult to grow other ground covering plants.  They die down in Summer but come back with a vengeance in spring .Using chemicals isn't a realistic option when you are inundated with them.

I don't know about white ones or bronze leaf ones............the basic Celandine is a pain in the bum for those of us who have them



The first one flowered today. Well it made me smile anyway. The ones in the lawn will just get mowed when its fit to mow.


I've eradicated celandines from the garden of clients of mine. Because of their short growing season, it does take time, more than one season. But Glyphosate ( Roundup ) does the job eventually. Digging them out just doesn't work. I've tried that too.

Jim Macd
philippa smith2 wrote (see) aren't talking about Aconites are you ?  They are pretty and worth growing. 

If you are talking about Celandines...............please,please bring a big truck to my can have stacks of the blighters.......I'll make you a cup of coffee and even a bacon buttie

no, though I've got those too. If you make that coffee tea you've got a deal.


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