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I have a chaenomeles against a wall, which has long been past its best and I need the space for raspberries.  It has been cut down to the ground, but all efforts to dig/chop/lever the stump out have failed, due to the stony ground and proximity to the wall.  Can I just leave it to rot and plant round it, or will it throw up new shoots forever more?  And if not, any advice on how to get it out?!


If you drill holes down into the stump, and use SBK stump killer, that should help clear it.


Best to get it out.  Can you get some help to do it?  Just keep working around it.  Using secateurs to cut those roots that seem immovable.  Pulling, digging, cuttgng, levering ....eventially it will come.

I have never yet let anything beat me...plant, tree, shrub.  Stubborn determination wins in the end.

To plant there without removing it will just create problems.  Then,,when will be .....put plenty of goodness back into the soil before replanting.  


Cut round the stump at a distance of about 12 - 18 inches, severing the roots.  Obtain a crowbar or similar and use it to lever the stump up.  Hot work!

I'm a bit wary of using stump killer, as I need to plant the raspberries there ASAP.  I think I shall have to get some of the chaps to help...



Try using a pruning saw, you can push it into the soil

When you have cut or loosened a root or two ??ou will be surprised at much easier it will be. 


Before planting your raspberries, you should also remove the stony ground and replace it with proper humus. Your raspberries won't be happy there otherwise.

It's a few large rocks, a couple of feet down, rather than very stony all over - I planted the shrub when I first moved in 25 years ago, so  the area immediately around it is not as well dug as the reast of the patch, but it has all had regular doses of compost and manure, and is in good heart.  I shall have a go at the roots with saw and loppers!


Pick axe, iron bar, large secateurs, we have just removed 28 very large conifer s, they will come out with a little effort, the stump killer will only stop it growing, not remove the stump.

FJM2,  lyn is on her way. 

Lol - kettle is on, and I'll get chocolate biscuits in if you have an hour to spare, Lyn!


Oh! Just seen this, I am on my way, put kettle on.

Please let us know how you get on with though


I've found chaenomeles will throw up suckers from the roots - hope Lyn can get the stump and as much root out as possible. 

I know.  It's a survivor but if a decent plamting area is created for replacement by digging out everything seen then any suckers can be "gyphosated" 



I agree Verdun, glysophate is safer than the stump killer, at least you can plant in the ground straight away,

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