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I have noticed when I key in  lucky3  there is another lucky 2 coming up .I have wondered about changing my user name ,can this be done,does anyone know please?


It has been done but I'm not sure how - someone will come along who knows how to do it.  

I think it would be good to put in your Personal Profile that you used to be called Lucky3, as just occasionally we get people who try to masquerade as others, or even as several others, in order to cause mischief.  If you put in in your profile it would be clear to everyone that you'd not changed your name for the wrong reason 

Yes dove,this is one reason I'm wanting to change it.previously I felt that this had happened but cannot prove anything.

Victoria Sponge

I think you just go into settings lucky, and type over your existing name and save the changes...

I changed my screen name as I put my real name on to start with...


Orchid Lady

Hi Lucky, it's easy to do, I changed mine from Tracey-newbie. Go into settings and your profile, you'll see the top box says screen name, just change it to what you want.

As Dove said put it on your profile info or start a thread to let everyone know.  I did have it on my profile for a while until everyone got used to my new name 

star gaze lily

I changed mine too, when I first joined I put my real name in, like Victoria Sponge did.


Go to your name at the top and click on 'my settings' it should give your user name and profile. under 'my public profile' 

I think you can just delete your name and put a new one in. I have not tried this but it looks simple enough. 

Edit: snap!

Orchid Lady

In fact I've changed mine twice because it gave me Tracey5 to start with but I never used it 


Hi Cangrandmafixiit - you've done it.  Hurrah!  Like the name 

I suspect some of the more idle typists may abbreviate you to Cangrandma   or that might just be because we're friendly souls 

Thanks to everyone,

As all us grandparents know we come in handy for fixing and repairing!!¡¡!!!!!!!!!!!

Ps dove ,don't mind the shortening at all ,do it myself don't I ? 


If you don't mind then neither do I !!!!!!

Orchid Lady

Flipping heck.....couldn't you leave it at Lucky3  Can I just say Cangran? 

star gaze lily

Lol, can I say Cangran too, it takes me ages to type on this tablet anyway.

But Hi Cangran, pleased to meet you. 



You'll just get called Basil ............... or Mr Derek 

Orchid Lady

Mark, I have wondered that before when I saw your avatar.....I used to love basil brush when I was little 

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