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Hi I have a number of carnation that last year produced a lot of flowers.That was the first year that I was successful with them, because normally I lose them over the winter.This winter I covered them with fleece and the look very poorly again, lost a lot of last years growth, yellow,and dead leaves. I live in shropshire, with an open garden with a dark, light soil. I remeber my dad growing them when I was young ans they grow large and survived the winters. That was in london with a clay soil.. Could anyone please advise. Many thanks

Are we talking about carnation which are not hardy or dianthus which is?? Similar plant but both handle winters differently. Let me know because i have had excellent results as long as you buy a hardy version.

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I too have carnations & last year was my best... being in east anglia again the soil is heavy plus I found they like sun/shade.. now I have finally found the best place I have managed to take cutting last yr which are growing... one idea as mine are now in a large pot while other garden stuff going on & they are fine.. is to somehow get some heavier soil & pot them then sink into garden...

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