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I harvested my container grown potatoes last week. Was a bit worried as hardly any flowers like julie & leaves all yellow, but a good crop.I left them to dry out in the sunshine  (is that right) on newspaper?? I put them in a paper potato sack,in the back porch which gets warm. I went to get some yesterday & to my horror some were a very pale green,When peeled they were white, but what have i done wrong?



Left them in the sun.

getting them warm is not that great either. Cool place in the dark for spuds

Thank you so much, I believed everything a well meaning person told me without checking!!!

Just off to move my potato sack..thanks again


Remember to check the sack regularly too - if any go bad, the rot will quickly spread to any others which are touching it.


Always keep potatoes in the dark. The green is bad for you so make sure it's all peeled off. Never keep them in plastic sacks, but I saw yours were in a paper one.


We've had the most marvellous crop of charlotte potatoes - 15 or so on many plants and although a few had scab it does not affect the taste.  We are storing them in large double thickness brown paper bags, specifically designed for potato storage.  Any with a slight green tinge we throw away rather than risk eating at all.    Have nearly dug them all now and will be supplying a few friends as there are too many for us to cope with!!    


No need to give them away. Charlotte will keep well, just don't wash them and store them cool and dark. My local farmer where I buy mine sells them for months.

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