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This year my cherry blossom tree has some blossom, but not much and no leaves.  The tree is well established, at least 20 years old. Is there anything I can do?


Any signs of any canker or anything like that?

Not too sure. I have just noticed quite a deep split in the bark of the trunk which seems to have fungus in it.  Also, some branches appear to be dead as they have no blossom or leaves.


Mmm, maybe it is an ex cherry tree - you have two choices (in my humble opinion) 

1. plant a lovely clematis or rambling rose to climb up into it as it passes on - it will still be beautiful and really good for wildlife, or

2. cut it down, have it turned into logs and build a logpile for wildlife in your garden, and choose another tree to plant nearby to replace it.  

If there is any likelihood that it has succumbed to honeyfungus, it would be a good idea to choose a replacement that is resistant.


If it is honey fungus,don,t plant a replacement in the exact same spot.

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