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Can anyone help me? I have a large Cherry tree, which over recent weeks has become covered in small black 'bugs', they kind of resemble tiny beetles. The tree is now so infested that they are covering the gate underneath .... I don't like to use chemicals unless i have too....But not sure how i would reach the top parts of the tree to spray or whatever if i had to!

Thanks !


Alina W

They are aphids. The simplest way to cure them is to buy an insecticidal spray (there are organic ones based on fatty acids, i.e., soap). There is no real alternative cure for such an infestation.

Our cherries are a washout this year. The aphid problem you describe is terrible. I've given up, as I don't like to use sprays. The ants are farming them too, which doesn't help. Ant bands made no difference. I try to be philosophical about it, some years things do better than others. The soft fruit is good this year, so there is still something nice to harvest!

Can anyone identify and give eradication advice for my 2year old, single Cherry.

Delicious few fruits left by beautiful,( but deadly!)red and yellow beetle. Help!

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