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Hi all.  Not a very experienced gardener so please bear with me.  I've got a mature fruit bearing Cherry tree on the corner of my lawn and am now getting multiple (dozens) of "mini" trees forcing their way up through my lawn.  I'm loath to have the tree removed so what, if any, is the solution.

Done that but they just come back!!


Afraid you just have to keep doing it - it's what cherry trees do. Mow really regularly so that they're tiny then they won't get twiggy and spoil the grass. 

I had similar problems a few years ago. I had a huge Cherry tree and some of the roots got nearer to the surface of the lawn as they grew in size. They kept throwing up suckers and I mowed them off. Eventually, it broke my mower!

I dug around the offending root and cut it out; it was about 4 inches in diameter. The tree was so large, that it never missed its missing member! 

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