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Hi there, Can anyone advise me on my cherry tree.  I am sure it has blossomed around this time of year in the past.  This year...nothing at all.  It appears to have buds all over the tree, but nothing appears to be happening.  Is it dead?

Hey, we also have a cherry tree in our garden, so far we have no blossoms forming Perhaps beause of the snow we've had over the last couple of months? 

We're in Kent, don't know if that makes any difference.


Nothing on mine yet - I would not worry until mid-May as lots of plants are 2-4 weeks behind with the late frosts and poor weather.


Same here, sweet cherries still in bud.  Mature decorative flowering cherries are in bloom but not the edibles.

Oakley Witch
The seasons 4-6 weeks behind. Dont worry, they will come. They are just having an extra long snooze this year


Better late than too early and then frosted, like last year.  Six cherries I got, off three wee trees - or rather, the birds got them, it wasn't worth while netting them.  I hope for better this year, though like you, lecatsmother, there's not a bud opening yet - but they're plumping up.

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