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*That is not true* would suffice Dove!

Yes, and I apologise.    

However, it is not true that fertilised eggs should not be sold.

jacqui whitmore

I have had no problems with eating the fertilised eggs,they are onlysmall pullet eggs ,but are so creamy.Why cant they be sold?.Also why not have a cockerel with the hens.I'm sure they enjoy his company.He is very tame.I have to pick him up and put him to bed every night.He eats out of my hand and he lets me stroke him!!



As I've said, there is absolutely no reason why fertilised eggs cannot be sold.  

Some vegetarians prefer not to eat fertilised eggs.  That is their choice. 

The embryo in a fertilised egg does not begin to develop until incubation starts so if the eggs are collected every day, no problem 

jacqui whitmore

thankyou,I do collect them everyday,however in the spring i might let one of the hens sit on the eggs as i have a few friends who would like some chicks.I will separate the hen ffrom the others and put her in a separate pen



You'll have a very happy hen   Be ready for a large proportiion of the chicks to turn out to be boys - sod's law 

All the above sounds so interesting, I would love to have a few chucks but my husband is against the idea.   So will have to be content with being jealous of my nextdoor neightbour, who lets me look after his when he is away. 

jacqui whitmore

My husband has no choice in the matter.I have several pets inc two dogs a cat guinea pigs and  bred chinchillas for a while.If my husband said i could'nt have something ,it would make me more determined to get it.All you need is a hen house made of wood or plastic.a perch ,a nest box and a run which can be made so easily.The chickens need  to be let out quite early in the morning,pellets and fresh water and a handful of corn later on with a few scraps of food like salad,veg,bread,pasta,it's surprising what they'll eat.And you'll have some lovely fresh eggs every day.They are also very interesting to watch and all have their own individual personalities.I hav'nt got a huge garden,as long as their safe from foxes and they have some room to roam,they make fantastic pets!

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