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I am a very amateur gardener, just trying to get grip with the basics. I bought my plant when it was about 45cm tall and planted it in a deep 40cm pot in ericaceous compost.  I wasn't sure if I watered it too much or not enough. After just over a year, when it was flowering the flowers dropped off and the leaves turned yellow and also started to drop off. I fed it worm juice. No better. After alot of research (it's impossible to find anything on caring for this plant!) I decided to feed it with an ericaceous feed with magnesium. It eventually died. 

Before I buy another - help - what did I do wrong please?

It isn't really a pot plant as it grows into a large shrub, mine are around 12 feet tall. I expect it would be OK in a large pot for a few years before it outgrew it though. I get some dieback on the tallest shoots in a hard winter but otherwise they are very tough. I have acid soil and a reasonably damp climate for the Surrey/Sussex borders. 

First thing to check when any pot plant dies is for signs of vine weevil. These horrible little blighters will destroy anything in a pot.

Thank you for taking the time to answer. I saw no signs of vine weevil in the soil, but I am far from being an expert. If it was so called 'physiological' what would be your best guess?

Here in Herefordshire we don't have acid soil, mine is neutral. Have you any suggestions whereby I could plant it out?

obelixx, thank you, I had seen that on my research. Maybe I should carry on practicing and learning!




I'd always grow what grows well where I live. There are always plenty of lovely plants that will do that

Have taken cutting of hookerianum  started to grow a little but now seems to have stopped, unfortunely I put it out overnight and worried as leaves look to be browning ,but have now put near kitchen window north facing.

Please can you help !

Kathy strotten


Our ten foot high Hookerianum usually delights us with a wonderful abundance of 

'lanterns'. But this year there's just one or  two hanging sadly from otherwise bare,

twiggy branches.The only thing I can think of is that the surrounding 7-8ft high

camellias are stifling it.

I can't bear to see  it die but neither am I able to face cutting down my camellias.

I need some expert advice please! 

I've got two of them in pots. One of them  suffered from the so called leaf weevil, which I tried to get rid of by spraying some sort of spray for roses, which  didn't work. Can any of you help me please.


Plant them out in the garden, mine are as Steephills, 12ft high or more, they are real tuffies usually.

They are not really pot plants, if they survive the winter, and they should, they grow easily from seed or cuttings. 

Hi there

I bought a 4-feet high crinodendron almost 2 years ago, it has been sitting and growing nicely in a huge pot of ericaceous compost in a sheltered west-facing corner. About a month ago we decided to plant it out in its soil into the garden in a South-facing sunny spot. Since then it's looked not at all well, the tips of the leaves are going black, the flower buds look limp and sad. We love this plant, it has flowered in all kinds of weathers from April to October!. Does anyone think it may not like the sunny spot?, there are no signs of pests BTW. Thanks!. Chris W 

We have a beautiful Crinodendron Hookerianum Lantern tree it is about 5 years old always flowered and has been wonderful.. except this year. it has jus been dying leaves are yellowing branches are dying.. we have it beside a fence the garden is sheltered We have a Liquidandrum nearby which is flourishing and a Hydrangea is also flourishing. We are at a loss. we live in Whitehead Northern Ireland by the sea but sheltered.. please can you help ..   Ann Monteith


Ann, in a warm , loving way,given that the internet attracts some rather odd types, might I respectfully suggest you don't post your phone number in an open forum. Flippin' 'eck knows who might call you up.

Hi. We've had a Crinodendron about 7 or 8 yrs and it has flowered regularly with quite large pink / red lanterns. It's now about 9ft tall, which is quite large in a small garden like ours. Does anyone know the best time to prune, and by how much?
Any suggestions welcome. Thanks.

Bob, I'd reshape gently after flowering.


I was horrified just now to find that my husband had "trimmed" (annihilated) my beautiful Crinodendron which was in full bloom. He reckons that it needed to be kept under control and it won't harm it. I'm not convinced -I would have preferred to wait until the flowers had died down. PLEASE tell me that it will grow back. I'm so cross right now that I have probably have steam coming out of my ears! 



Thanks pansyface. That really made me me ideas though ! 

pansyface you are a right comedian.told my wife and she agrees. although i would not let her loose in the garden as she kills anything she touches.


I killed one of these in my last garden.  Think it was a bit dark and wet for it where I put it.