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 Hi, Im having a problem I think and Im not sure whats exactly happening here, so any help from you fellow gardeners will be greatly appreciated! Recently this week all my plants are starting to exhibit this same thing, I dont think its over watering cause theyve only been watered once since being repotted, the only thing that I have done that I can think of that is maybe a cause is using some fert that I made out of dead weed leafs, but Ive only done this the one time. Any help?


Actually, they don't look much different from mine..............all I would say is that some of your plants look too small for the size of pots you have them in....they could be struggling in all that compost.

You don't say where you have them at a G/H, Cold Frame or outside.

They don't really need feeding until they start to flower/fruit.........tho the exact regime is probably best answered by other posters who specialise in Chilli plants   

Hi there, thanks for the reply Philippa. I thought that going to a large pot from smaller pots was best, they werent exactly root bound but they did have a nice structure when I replanted them, I hadnt realised it was a negative to go large straight away and I was thinking that I have 6 or 7 months for them to grow anyway now, and the odd Hab is thriving in a large pot... They were all sown in a heated propagator and then replanted soon after the seed leafs appeared in to 2 inch pots, they sat on my window sill in the kitchen for a month or so until 4 true leaves had appeared on each plant then I took them down to my garden and put them in my green house then replanted them about a week later after theyd acclimatised a bit, and that was about 3 weeks ago. This is just something that has appeared to have started to happen within the last few days, like say, a week if that. I have been checking all the plants for the normal nastys, aphids etc and they all seem in perfect condition in that respect no infestations at all and prior to this they all seemed to be growing pretty well at a steady and noticeable pace.

Little bit of an update; Im pleased to say that my plants have now all pulled round within the last few weeks, I did try a few things like putting ladybugs on my plants and all sorts, altered the feed and watering but to be honest when I used some pesticide on them theyve all pulled round. From what I think I had an aphid infestation starting due to the way the leaves were turning I used bayer & bayer provado on them and here's the results =)




Little update, most plants are between 3 to 4 foot high, the jalapenos are huge! The only problem I've had is that im thinking that my seeds have been mixed up, somehow I might end up with 10 Hungarian wax plants instead of six, as two of my plants that were supposed to be habaneros but atleast two of them appear to be the wax chillies, so fingers crossed the last two I've got are what they say on the tin... Bit annoyed, going to email the website I bought the seeds from cause I know 100% that I've not made a mistake planting them, straight from the packet, sown and labelled straight away bit gutted, almost spoilt my season fingers crossed these naga and 7pot habs are real.

I had a similar problem last year with Courgette seeds........a very peculiar mixture turned up in the pots rather than the single variety I had ordered.  Not unheard of for seeds to be mislabelled.  I sent photos of the fruit and received a packet of the correct variety by return. Fingers crossed you get it sorted out to your satisfaction...........enjoy your harvest anyway

Ahh.. Thanks I'll take some pictures of the plants that aren't right and include them in my email, might end up with a bag of proper hab seeds for next year cheers for the idea, I was just gona complain lol

CC..........always worth backing your complaints up with visual evidence when you can. If the supplier is reputable, they will be glad that you have pointed out any discrepancy in their labelling/packaging methods.  I guess these days seed companies are wary of people just trying it on in the hope of free seed. 

There is a thread "The Good Guys" on the forum..........offering forum members the opportunity to comment on good/bad suppliers, customer service, etc.  Might be worth your while to have a look through - particularly if you aren't satisfied with your Chilli response.......altho it's always useful for others if you can also post a "satisfied" response too

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