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Hi, could anyone advise why my chilli plant flowers are dropping off at stem.  I am new to this but guessing this is not supposed to happen.  Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Helga, They are either not being pollinated or it may still be a bit too cool for them to set.  It isn't unusual at this time of the year.  You could try hand-pollinating, using a small, soft paintbrush, cotton-bud or similar.  Just go over your chili plant(s) and gently dab it in the centre of every open flower.


Drooping at the stem !! Does the plant in general look like its drooping or a bit limp to look at, or does it look healthy ? because chilli flowers do tend to point downwards from the stem. If the weathers a bit cold they sometimes have a habit of going in a little sulk but snap out of it when it gets hot. Feed once a week with a tomato feed for good fruit.


The tip that everbody threw at me last year was let them dry out between waterings and dont water after 4pm.



Unpollinated flowers will drop off but usually dry and shrivel a bit first, I find. Are they drying at all? Or just dropping off?



lol I've just read your post again, why I'm I reading drooping instead of dropping, doh !!

Yeah, probably need hand-pollinating Helga, if your not doing so already. 

Sorry about that

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