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I bought a Chinese Gooseberry early last year. It has grown very well. But as yet I have not had any flowers or fruit. Any advice?





Hello Julie. This is the plant otherwise known as the Kiwi fruit, yes?

If so, you will need two plants to make babies, a male and a female. But you haven't got that far yet because you say you don't have any flowers at all. Wel, even with a mummy and a daddy plant, they are late developers and you can wait for four or five years before they get it on.

Julie.........check which variety you have.  There are a couple of self fertile of which is called "Jenny".

many thanks. I'll do a bit more 'digging.'.



Hi Julie I have mature kiwi's also male and female one's they all flower well but never have fruit from them.


do you cut it back or do you need a new plant each year

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