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I have two Choisya Aztec Pearl in my back garden, and both are dropping lots of  leaves and looking poorly despite having buds.  I have only had the garden just over a year and don't remember them looking this bad last spring.  Could it be the cold winter/spring so far, or something else?

I also have two Myrtle Communis which are also looking a bit poorly (brown patches on leaves etc).  These usually do well (my house is called Myrtle Cottage and has been for 150 years - suspect the Myrtle in the front garden has been there a while and was huge (20 feet tall) when we moved in).  Its against a sunny south facing wall and we are by the sea.  Although I would prefer it was a bit smaller, I don't want it to die!

Any ideas?




My choiyas look rough this spring, worse than last year. I'll wait til I'm sure it's really spring then trim up to the healthy bits and reshape. Myrtle succumbed the previous winter.


Just be patient.  They've had a hard winter so give them at least another month to start regrowing and then prune back to the new buds and take out the dead wood.  Re-shape as necessary.   I always wait till mid June before giving up on shrubs or pruning back.

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