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as its xmas coming up does anyone know how to stop the xmas tree from shedding over my carpet?


Buy an artificial one.

Nordmann spruce seem to drop less than other types. Some places dip their trees in something to stop them drying out.

Whatever you buy, if its real, make sure it stands in a water trough  (special xmas tree stands are available, and you keep it topped up.

Have the dyson on standby.


I don't have a conifer for Christmas. I cut a suitably shaped branch from something in the garden. Alder last year so I already had some dangly catkin decorations. It can be adorned with Ivy or any other evergreen, or no evergreens. Added evergreens can be renewed for the new year if you want to


Keep it watered and cool. Not next to a radiator. Don't buy too early and buy from somewhere you can pick a tree that is still growing. Or buy a potted tree


Bring it into the house as late as possible and ensure it is standing in water.



Cut another bit off the bottom as well and stand it outside in water until you're ready to bring it in. 



I'd say buy the kind that don't shed their needles - Abies and Nordmann - and buy early before they get dessicated standing about with no water.   Cut off an inch or two at the base and stand it in water as soon as you get it home.

If you do prefer the ordinary needley kind, do all the above but bring it indoors as late as possible, keep it cool and well watered and spray with hairspray before decorating as this helps prevent the needles giving off moisture.


I agree with all the previous comments - but just to add when our tree first comes indoors it empties its resevoir of water very quickly in the first couple of days (l refill it morning and evening).  After a couple of days it slows down, and then only needs checking every few days,and requires much less topping up.  We normally go for a Nordmann and have very few dropped needles.

Highland Jeannie

That's interesting Chicky, I always notice how it drinks a lot for the first couple of days or so then hardly ever needs topping up.

We get a Nordmann & saw off about 3" from the bottom before fixing it into the holder/reservoir.

Stacey Docherty

I'm sure it's not advised but when I had a real tree I do all of the inch off the bottom and feed twice a day but before festooning it I would spray it with hair spray!!!!

Buy a potted one, leave it in the garden until Christmas Eve and so long as it's not near a radiator or in too much heat it should be ok till after the New Year.

You can put it outside again then for next year. I still have mine from from 2012, bought it from Lidl .


If all else fails, the falledn needles can usefully be put under strawberries to deter slugs etc!


Roy Hill
Stacey Docherty wrote (see)

Oh Diana's what a fab idea

Half jokingly - I can 'do' bags of larch needles if anyone wants a supply!


They don't compost very easily


Composting them is useless, I know, but they acidify soil nicely, when used as a mulch.

If your bagged larch needles accumulate anywhere near me, then I'd love some....

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