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I have a Cistus pulverulentus (sunset) which flowered very happily all last summer in a tall pot against a west facing wall. It has suffered, like many plants, from the long harsh winter + umpteen frosts: many leaves (but not all) are brown + withered partly or fully.There is still life there but I want to help it regenerate. Should I prune off the damage, if so how much can the plant bear? I've heard they don't like pruning but also heard more established cistus growing in the hotter climes that they like (eg California) CAN withstand trimming and shaping. I think mine was probably only one or two years old when I got it last year. Can anyone advise please?

You'll need to cut off any dead bits whether it likes it or not Birdy. 

Thankyou nut cutlet. Do you think I should wait any longer to avoid frost attacking the cut ends or would the plant recover better by being pruned as soon as possible?
I did prune this quite hard but carefully leaving a good shape: some possible buds but with only some browny green leaves left - the pruned off ones were brown all over and quite dry. Also covered it with fleece for the rest of the awful winter.
Glad to say it is beginning to recover. Even the slightly damaged leaves I left have become green all over again. I didn't know they could do that.
We will see if I get flowers again. I'm optimistic.

Noticed quite a lot of people have looked at this thread.

So this is for those who want to know how Cistus can recover from frost damage after firm but judicious pruning of damaged stems and leaves, belated fleece protection, feeding and and general TLC. 

No flowers yet but extremely promising regrowth.

A few weeks ago. This already shows immense regrowth from the poor plant I began to look after in April during our extended winter.

 A few weeks later (photographed today 14june 2013)

 Regrowth should be evident if both pictures compared



Latest on Cistus 17July 2013

Apparently, it has forgiven me the winter's neglect and responded to proper care. It sheds its flowers every evening and opens up new ones the next day.


Thank you so much!  My Cistus has suffered some frost damage this year (for the first time in 6 years!!)  I feel braver now, to prune the dead parts off.  Fingers crossed.

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