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I planted the Duchess of Edinbrugh clematis at the same time as two others from Taylors.  The other two are flowering well but the Duchess of Edinburgh although growing well and is looking healthy hasn't flowered yet.  I've got a note on my spread sheet that I should be chopping it down to half in July.  Does this literally mean chop half the branches off so that it's half the height it was?  Should I do this even if it hasn't flowered? 

Thanks David, but the "text books" sometimes don't tell you what to do when things go wrong.  I think my main question is do I still prune, even if it hasn't flowered yet?  According to the Taylors website, this clematis is supposed to flower continually from June to September. 


I've grown Duchess of Edinburgh in three different gardens - I can't resist it, it's so beautiful - each time I've found it quite difficult to get it established and happy although after several years it's been fabulous.  

I've found that it is much happier clambering through things rather than train it up a fence etc.  

This time I've decided just to leave it alone and let it find it's own way - it's already rambling and scrambling through some honeysuckle and alpina clematis, and this year it's had three blooms (it's been planted 2 years) - I'm hoping that in the next couple of years it'll begin to perform much better.  

Aaahhh, how I love this forum.  I think I'd give up if I didn't have it.  

Dovefromabove, have you cut yours back this year?  Do you think I should, with mine not flowering and in it's first year?



I think I'd cut it back in early spring.  

If I can find mine in amongst the alpina I'll cut it back to some strong buds around late Feb, weather permitting. 


Ok, thanks.  I'll leave it alone now and hope that maybe I'll still get a flower later this year.

You never know your luck - she's quite enigmatic

I bought a Duchess of E earlier this year, along with Niobe and Miss Bateman, as a small plant in a 3"/4" pot. They're potted on into those deep clematis pots and it's twice the size of the others - a good 5/6 feet. Not sure if it will flower this year - Niobe is covered with blooms and Miss B  has some buds, so it looks like it's just making loads of growth. I'll see how it performs next year Charley, but as Dove says, perhaps we'll have to exercise that patience we're cultivating!  

Mine will go into a raised border where it will have an Escallonia to climb over, but it's also on trellis against a fence so it'll be interesting to see how it performs.


I have a Duchess too - first year, no flowers yet.  Only has a trellis to scramble up, so hope she will be ok


Maybe plant a shrub in front of her so she has the chance to scramble through branches in the shade - I think that's what she likes. 

Mines didnt flower in the 1st year either, but its still alive so hopeful this year

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